“I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Glenneth Reed.  She was always prepared for our meetings, very professional and friendly.  Her encouragement throughout the weeks between meetings was helpful, as were her food and exercise recommendations.  In particular, I found her healthy snack list and her mention of HIIT to be beneficial.

Glenneth helped me to see imbalances in my diet; together we found that I wasn’t eating enough protein, and now with that remedied I have more energy than I’ve had in months.  Our meetings helped me to define some goals and provided accountability for my plans to become actions.

Since working with Glenneth, I am exercising more and making healthier food choices.  I feel stronger and more confident.  She has taught me that setting a goal is a useful tool and that good health and strength are the objectives.”

– Missy, female, 40-49 age group

“The recommendations given to me by Glenneth were excellent. When I started with her I was lukewarm about losing weight and I was bent on living an unhealthy lifestyle because it was easier and I was depressed. Her support really encouraged me.”

– Chelsa, female, 20-29 age group