TDF Studio + Roan Mountain = Fantastic

Good morning and Happy Monday! Typically on the 10th I participate in the 10 on the 10th linkup. However, this month’s topic is vegetables (which is NOT one of my favorite topics). So, I decided to share my excitement from the weekend instead!

You have heard me mention Crystal Honeycutt and Train Dirty Fitness frequently on the blog. In fact, I went to her #femPOWER retreat in June. That was amazing and there I met a new friend, Beth. I arranged to go up to Elizabethton this Saturday and take the TDF classes and then Beth and I went sightseeing.

This is Crystal’s TDF Studio! Love the “Hello, Gorgeous” sign on the front door. I took Glow Dance and TDF Bootcamp. I had forgotten how much I love the TDF Dance classes and having it in the dark makes it that much more fun! An hour and a half of workouts was rough but FUN! And I certainly felt it yesterday.

2015-08-08 15.37.06
2015-08-08 15.36.49
2015-08-08 09.45.29
2015-08-08 10.22.05

After classes and some girl talk, Beth and I headed to this cute little place for lunch. It was called The Coffee Company. I was STARVING (didn’t eat breakfast and then worked out) so I had an appetizer and an entrée (plus I was trying a new to me place). The appetizer was a brie with jam and was amazing. My entrée was an egg salad sandwich – best egg salad ever.

2015-08-08 11.17.00

After lunch, Beth and I headed out for a drive and up to Roan Mountain. Isn’t it beautiful? We got up to 5500 feet in altitude and the air so was cool and crisp up there. When a breeze came through it was “almost” cold. So nice after these hot humid days in Knoxville. Sadly, the rhododendrons had stopped blooming so we weren’t able to see those. But still, look at those amazing views. We were right on the border of Tennessee / North Carolina!

2015-08-08 12.41.58
2015-08-08 13.12.18
2015-08-08 13.12.52
2015-08-08 13.13.05
2015-08-08 13.17.20
2015-08-08 13.18.07
2015-08-08 13.40.17
2015-08-08 13.40.33
2015-08-08 13.40.43
2015-08-08 13.55.53
2015-08-08 13.56.04
2015-08-08 13.58.29
2015-08-08 14.13.37
2015-08-08 14.13.42
2015-08-08 14.17.16

We stopped at a little general store on the way back. They sold EVERYTHING in there from food, to horse feed, to butter churns, and more.

2015-08-08 15.04.55

Sunday I spent most of the day relaxing and doing chores (laundry, cleaning, grocery store, etc.).

What did you do this weekend?



2 Responses to “TDF Studio + Roan Mountain = Fantastic”

  1. So much outdoor playtime here too.
    But I am more more more than ready to be able to play outside at times other than 6 AM 🙂 #HOTHOT