Tanned Thursday…

Happy Thursday! This week has FLOWN by. Seriously cannot believe today is Thursday.

Guess what I did yesterday? Spray tan at Sun Tan City. I haven’t done a spray tan in YEARS! This one was much different from the previous ones I have done. The booth was partially open so you could breathe. It dries you in the booth. While they say you are good to go right after, I felt sticky almost all evening. It also smells (at least to me). It did come out pretty good though. I definitely have more of a tanned look.

Source: tinyurl.com via Brooke on Pinterest

Apparently I only need to go once a week to keep this tanned look. I did the light this time, but may try the medium next time. They try to sell you tons of products (of course), but I only bought one that you put on before getting the spray. Do you tan? Do you do tanning beds, spray tans, or products?

On today’s agenda? Work and work out. Must get ready for a walk on Saturday morning. It is the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame 4K Run/Walk. In case you are wondering, a 4K is 2.486 miles. The distance is not a problem, but from experience, I know the hill at the end is BRUTAL. Our temps are going back up this weekend, but hopefully the race temp will be fairly comfortable. I will try to remember to take a few pictures to post.

Looking for a workout to try today?

Must run! Happy Thursday! Have a great day!

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  1. I use the Jergens tanning lotion on my legs. It does a decent job!

    • Glenneth

      I love the Jergens tanning lotion. It is one of my favorite. I figured for an “all-over” tan, I would try the spray tan and then use the Jergens to keep it going.