Surviving Working Lunches

Good morning and Happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! In case you missed my past couple of posts:

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Happy Fall

Yesterday afternoon hubby and I went out for a walk/run and then stopped at a local church that sells pumpkins for charity. I love decorating our front porch for Fall. I plan to buy a small bale of hay and then it will be finished. We also got the yard mowed – hopefully for the last time this year. It is by far our least favorite chore.

Did you get your 2% in this week? I came in right at 210 minutes and won’t make the mistake of cutting it so close again this week. Here were my workouts:

  • Monday – rest day
  • Tuesday – 60 minute walk
  • Wednesday – rest day (hair cut and color in the evening)
  • Thursday – 10 minute arms, 10 minute walk
  • Friday – 10 minute arms, 10 minute stretch, 20 minute elliptical
  • Saturday – 30 minute walk
  • Sunday – 40 minute walk, 20 minutes mowing

Surviving Working Lunches

I have been thinking lately about lunching at work. Not the every day lunch where YOU have control over what you eat, but the holiday parties that are sure to come up or work meetings where lunch is provided (hubby had one last week which is what got me thinking about this). Today I want to give some tips for surviving and/or planning these events.

Tip 1: It is a well-known fact that for fast food, Subway has some of the healthiest options. Did you know they offer sandwich platters which are perfect for office lunches? If you are planning the work lunch, consider these which would give everyone the option to make their own. I always enjoying seeing Subway provided because I know it is something I will eat.

Tip 2: If you know you are going to be stuck in a work meeting where the lunch provided is not the healthiest option, resolve to have a healthy breakfast, snack, and dinner and then eat the lunch provided without guilt. One meal isn’t going to make you gat (just like one workout won’t drop all the weight).

Tip 3: If you know the lunch is something you just don’t want to eat (or maybe are allergic to), bring your own. While you might get some looks from others, they are probably just wishing they had done the same thing.

Tip 4: If the lunch meeting is sprung upon you at the last minute, try to go with the flow. If you haven’t brought anything for lunch and you don’t want the lunch provided, see if you can sneak out somewhere close and pick up a healthy option right before the meeting.

I am very thankful our office doesn’t have many working lunches. I know that personally I need the break away from work and most days I want to get out of the office. When we do have working lunches, Jason’s Deli or Subway has some great healthy options and we are small enough that we each order what we want.

Does your office do working lunches? How do you eat healthy?

Have a healthy day!


5 Responses to “Surviving Working Lunches”

  1. I love your #4..
    Dont panic
    go with the flow.
    REMEMBER IT IS JUST ONE MEAL…do the best you can and move on.

  2. I have found that usually everyone can find something they can eat at Jason’s Deli! My problem with work lunches is that when I go out, I want to splurge — so if I go out often, I splurge often.

  3. Subway will also take any sandwich and make it into a salad for you. Add that to the sandwich platter and satisfy those low carbing πŸ™‚ We don’t have many lunch meetings at my current job which is fine by me πŸ˜‰

  4. I love Subway, the absolutely best πŸ™‚ Nice tips!