Superheroes 5K Trail Race Recap

This was what I put on Facebook immediately after Saturday’s Superheroes 5K trail race.

Hardest 5k ever but I finished.

This was the Instagram post I put up a while later.

So, let’s rewind. Back early February, we were looking at the upcoming races trying to decide which ones to do. This one caught my eye:

A race promoting children’s health to get out and exercise with the positive influence of adults as role models.  All participants are encouraged to dress as their favorite superhero.  All children and adults are welcome as a smaller run will be available for our smaller participants.

I knew the race was a trail race, but for some reason from the description I assumed it would be a fairly easy one – in order to encourage people (and children) to get out and move.

I could not have been more wrong.

I was excited to dress up as a superhero. My original plan was Wonder Woman, but I didn’t like the tank top I bought, plus the weather was cooler than expected. So, I bought this Captain America one at Target and wore it with the Wonder Woman tutu I had bought. Batman/girl seemed to be the most popular superhero. Captain America definitely made the top five.


Before the 5K started, they did a kids run. The kids were all adorable dressed up as superheroes. While I wish I had had my camera for that, I am so glad I didn’t carry anything with me on the trail race.

After the kids finished, we were off. Hubby was particularly excited about this one because he has done quite a few trail races in this area and knew where we were going – straight up a hill. I have to be honest here. I can easily walk most 5Ks, but hills are my worst enemy. I truly struggle. Going up the first hill wasn’t too bad – because it was gravel, but it will still straight up hill (at least in my opinion).

Then it got worse. Straight up hill in mud. Did I mention it rained almost all last week? I knew there would be some muddy spots, I was not prepared for what was to come. I tried to get up the hill. Slid down. Tried again. Same thing. Then I fell and was caked in mud. We weren’t half a mile in the race at this point.

It took me grabbing branches on trees to pull myself up this one section. And then it kept going, and going, and going. Truly if I had not been with my hubby and our friend J, I would have probably turned around for fear of injuring myself. And yes, there were people who saw the muddy hill and turned around.

First mile time? 40 minutes. Yes, FORTY. I walk a typical 5K (3.1 miles) in 50 minutes, and it took me 40 to walk (crawl, climb, cling to trees) the first mile of the trail race. The people picking up the flags caught up to us. Then passed us. (And yes, this was me slowing down hubby and our friend – they would have been much faster without me).

And don’t be fooled. Downhill is just as tough as uphill when it is muddy. Just as much chance to fall on your ass. My shoes were so muddy they kept being pulled down (thankfully they were tied good).

I will say it did get better after the first mile. Leveled off a bunch, but still quite muddy in some places. Once I got out of the mud, I got in gear and we hustled on and passed the flag pullers and a group of people. I was ready to be done by then – and we still had 2.1 more miles to go.

We finished. 1 hour and 19 minutes. That’s over 26 minutes per mile. But, the second two miles were under 20 minutes each – so that was a huge improvement.

After we finished, I looked like this:


Would I do this one again? Honestly I am not sure. I was quite banged up and feeling it. My body was okay, but the insides of my feet hurt all day Saturday. Constant shooting pain (sitting, standing, laying down). My ring finger on my right hand is black and blue. I think I jammed it catching my fall.

If this was anyone’s first time ever doing a 5K and they weren’t expecting this, I am not sure they will do another one. Especially if they aren’t up on the differences between trail races and road races. Even hubby admitted later that this was a fairly advanced trail race (he does quite a few trail races).

Superheroes 5K Trail Race Recap

This was my Fitbit stats at the end of the day. I hit every goal and then some. I especially love the 41 flights of stairs.

Fitbit Charge

In the end, I finished under my own power and I FINISHED. Forget the time, the fall, everything. Finishing the race was a true success in my book.

What did you do this weekend? Would you do a trail race?



8 Responses to “Superheroes 5K Trail Race Recap”

  1. Oh
    whilst clad in my cape.

  2. I’ve never done a trail race because they intimidate me! Lol you go girl! And I love the tutu!

  3. Didn’t sound too safe to me. Glad you finished. What a super woman!

  4. Nice job powering through! Trail races can be brutal but oh so fun! Sounds like a fun race.

  5. Well, I do mud runs so I’m well accustomed to trails and hills and lots of mud! I love it but it’s not for everyone, and you definitely need to be well prepared. It sounds like they didn’t really prepare everyone for this course or let people know what it would be like. Shoes with good traction are essential in mud or else you will have the issue you did- sliding all over. And when doing a trail race it’s important not to expect the same or similar times as a road 5k because there is a big difference in pace. My pace is usually between 18-25 minutes per mile in mud runs. But I’m glad you finished and your costume is adorable!