Sunday Scheduling . . .

Hello and Happy Sunday! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Yesterday I went and cheered hubby and my friend M on at the Calhoun’s 10 Miler. It was a beautiful morning, but COLD. The official weather was logged at 29 degrees and cloudy with a feels like of 15. What they didn’t note was the often 32 mile per hour winds that were happening. Congrats to all the runners yesterday! Hubby and M both did fantastic!

Beautiful Morning

I was going to add a few more photos from the race here, but my blog is giving my a headache about uploading pictures today.

I wound up taking Saturday as a second rest day as I am still oddly sore from the week’s workouts. I have been reviewing the class schedule at my gym and have made a plan for the week:

Sunday – Body Pump (first time ever taking)
Monday – Cycling (first time at new gym)
Tuesday – Circuit Training
Wednesday – Body Combat
Thursday – Aqua Yoga
Friday – Rest
Saturday – To be determined

Since most of the classes start at 6, I will be doing some light cardio in the cardio theater beforehand or studying for my NASM CPT. Thursday I will actually get in the hot tub before class. Saturday may wind up being a second rest day if I am as sore as I anticipate.

Another thing to look forward to next week? Our next 31 Celebrate and Connect meeting. I always love catching up with my 31 sisters and getting a free product each time is a fabulous incentive to give up two hours on a Saturday. I hear it is a brand new product in a brand new pattern so I will be sure and share it with you here!

Hard to believe that January is almost over. February is right around the corner.

Have you planned your workouts for the week? Do you aim for a certain amount of hours or number of days?

Have a healthy day!


3 Responses to “Sunday Scheduling . . .”

  1. I do plan my workouts for the week- or at least give it a shot- doesn’t always happen like I plan. I woke up this morning congested and a dry,scratchy throat so hoping that doesn’t factor in too much this week!

  2. Allison T.

    I’m curious to hear how you like Body Pump. I’m not much of a class person, but I always enjoyed Body Pump. Have a great week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I hope you’ll like the new classes. Your workout schedule sounds good!

    Yes, I have planned my workouts. I don’t care as much about the days but more that I get everything done (2 weight workouts, 1 barre class, 2 yoga classes, sprints (two times)) and at least 10,000 steps a day. It usually works out that I have one or two days where I have to only walk… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great week!