Starting Heart Rate Training

Hello and Happy Hump Day!

I started using my Polar FT60 Heart Rate monitor on Sunday. I had been trying to sell it, but decided instead I should be using it. The first class I used it in was BodyCombat on Sunday and these were my results:

Heart Rate Training

So, in 48 minutes I burned 436 calories. I have to admit, that is super motivational to see. During the class, my average heart rate was 146 and my maximum heart rate was 156.

Now let’s talk maximal heart rate and zones. Maximal heart rate is 220 – your age (easiest formula ever). So my maximal heart rate would be 176. Then there are different zones:

Zone 1 – 65-75% of max heart rate, My range: 114 – 132
Zone 2 – 76-85% of max heart rate, My range: 133 – 150
Zone 3 – 86-95% of max heart rate, My range: 151 – 167

So during BodyCombat I stayed mostly in Zone 2 with a little in Zone 3.

Monday I did 5 minutes on the elliptical followed by 20 minutes on the treadmill. I burned 165 calories. My average heart rate was 123 and my max heart rate was 141. This means I stayed in Zone 1 with a little in Zone 2.

According to my NASM CPT book, I am doing great with my heart rate training.

Zone 1 sample activities – walking or jogging
Zone 2 sample activities – group exercises classes or spinning
Zone 3 sample activities – sprinting

Last night I did 10 minutes on the treadmill before class. My average heart rate was 105 and my maximum was 110. During my class which was 45 minutes, my average heart rate was 125 and my max heart rate was 156. For the treadmill, I was really just stretching my legs and killing time before my class started. The class heart rate is kind of hard to judge since the first 15 or so minutes was all stretching and the last 5 or so was foam rolling. I might be best to do different sets on the watch for each part of the workout.

I am enjoying seeing how hard I am working myself and seeing calories burned (always an estimate) is always motivational. The key if you are trying to lose weight is to NOT eat all those calories after the workout.

I am definitely going to continue using the heart rate monitor during my classes/workouts. Also anxious to test it out on my next 5K (February).

What are your thoughts on heart rate training? Any tips you care to share?

Have a healthy day!


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