So I Started Self-Defense Classes

Just when I think I will retire this blog for good, I start something new that is blog worthy. This past Thursday I started taking self-defense classes at Unlimited Training Systems through Josh Cate’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Kickboxing.

Why self-defense classes? I think it is a good idea for everyone (not just women) to learn to defend themselves. Sadly, it may be needed one day. Also, I thought it sounded a good form of exercise and something new for me (it has been well over two years since I took any group fitness class).

Why THIS self-defense class? While I was completely unfamiliar with the guy leading the class, I have known the owner (Blake) of Unlimited Training Systems for years as my company did his original website and his first location was across from our office. The location is close to my house and the days/times were convenient for me.

How much did this cost? The cost was $99 for 6 one hour classes. Sadly I am going to miss the final week (but I will be headed toward a cruise so isn’t really all that sad).

Initial thoughts/observations on the class and content:

There were 9 of us – all women which I expected. The instructor was male. It wasn’t really what I thought/expected. We started with mat work on the floor – learning to fall properly. Learning to move around on our backs. Learning to kick and get up from a fallen position. And no lie – it was TOUGH. We learned to stop someone from picking us up from behind and tossing us to the floor. We spent 60 minutes on this doing individual exercises and with partners. I was tired at the end. Partly from not being used to those movements. Partly from fasted cardio in the AM. And partly from my continual lack of sleep. The other ladies in the class were super nice and I actually knew one (we had worked together previously).

I am pretty damn opinionated and have set expectations for things. Examples:

  • For us directionally challenged, the location was hard to find as there were no signs. (Lack of signage is a huge pet peeve of mine.)
  • It bothered me that the instructor didn’t start out with – Hi my name is…Welcome to…..Introduce yourselves.
  • I question learning to fall as the first thing. If attacked, I think I would prefer to be able to stand and fight first and fight from the ground as a last resort. Surely we are getting to this, but seemed different to me.
  • We learned everything as if our hands were free. Again, most women carry a purse (and some carry children). Will we learn how to defend when we are carrying items (and possibly use them as weapons)? I will keep you posted.
  • I began to question myself and why I don’t carry my gun every day (as I am trained and do have a carry permit).
  • I may have leg strength – but they aren’t very flexible/mobile – something I need to work on.

Have you ever taken self-defense classes? Would you consider it?

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One Response to “So I Started Self-Defense Classes”

  1. Sounds like an interesting first class. Like you, I think it’s a good idea for everyone to know how to defend themselves. You just never know what could happen. I’ve considered this for myself in the past, so I’m very interested to read what else is covered during your remaining classes. Side note: As an event planner, I’m a fan of good signage, even if it’s plain or small, it’s better than nothing. 😉