Saturdays are Race Days

Before we get to today, a little about last night. We went to see my favorite local musician, Jackson Mohr play at a local restaurant. He actually isn’t local to Knoxville anymore as he lives in Nashville. Here is a clip of Jackson playing my favorite song, Rocky Top:

Now to today.

Since about last July, Saturday mornings have been “race” days for hubby and myself. He has taken up running, so I took up walking and walk a lot of 5Ks, 2 miles, 1 miles. A friend of ours runs with hubby. Note: I have no desire to run unless being chased by something dangerous.

Today I did not participate in the 5K. Why? No headphones allowed. As a walker, I am usually at the back of the pack by myself. It can get lonely. But listening to music or videos on my iphone, really pushes me to walk faster and keeps me company. So, I made a decision this year to not participate in races I can’t wear my headphones in.

I did go with the guys to cheer them on and walk the area on my own. A beautiful morning for being outside.

Think you can’t run or walk a 5K? Check this guy out:

Before the Race
After the Race

This gentleman is 92 years old and using a walker. He does quite a few of the 5Ks in the area finishing in under 50 minutes in all the ones I have been to. Amazing.

Til tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Saturdays are Race Days”

  1. Kristi Bernard

    I’ve done a lot of walk-a-thons in my day and not being able to wear a headset is not an option. I have never heard of this before. I have to have music or an podiobook going when I walk these days. Thanks.