Saturday Shares

Good morning and Happy Saturday!

If you caught yesterday’s post, you know I didn’t get to share any blog posts with you. So, I thought I would pop in today and share some.


Halloween Workout by Lindsay – Looking for a fun workout? Check out the one Lindsay did for Halloween. Dumbbells are the only equipment needed. Love that she also gives pointers for each exercise.

My Yoga Must Haves – Products To Make The Most Of Your Practice by Tina – Tina, a yoga instructor, shares her must have products and services for yoga. I will definitely second her recommendation for Spotify. Love it.

How to Have a Healthy Halloween by Kate – Everyone has different ideas of Halloween, so I definitely wanted to share one about a Healthy Halloween. I personally would love to give out glow sticks, but we typically give out chocolate (and probably way too much of it). I do make a point of not buying anything to give out until the day of. Usually it is on sale and that keeps us for eating it all before the big day.

3 ‘all-or-nothing’ healthy living mindsets debunked by Tamara – Do you think you have to do it all or do it perfect for it to count? Not true and Tamara explains why. Sure you might not have time to run for an hour, but can you find 3 – 10 minute segments to walk during the day? That counts too!

5 Ways to Make Exercise a Habit by Marcia – Marcia offers us 5 ways to help make exercising a habit. My favorite is find what you love – you definitely won’t stick with it unless you love it (or maybe like it a lot) and have some fun doing it.

What If It Wasn’t About Weight Loss by Danielle – Love Danielle. I have had the pleasure of working with her and she is amazing. Love her article on the Huffington Post. My favorite quote: “What if it wasn’t about weight loss, and it was about being the best, most authentic, healthiest, version of you.”

I am cleaning today! Having been gone for the past few weekends, the house needs some attention.

Have a healthy day! Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Thanks for sharing some new posts to read! I hope that you got your cleaning done and are having fun the rest of the weekend 🙂