Road to Recovery . . . 1/4 Mile at a Time

What do this:

Brooks Glycerin 10s

and this:

Walking Path

have in common? Any guesses?

The answer is:

glenneth blue sunglasses


That’s right. I have been given permission by my surgeon to start walking for exercise again. I can walk 1 mile 2-3 times per week to start and then increase by 1/4 mile each week. That means in NINE weeks I will be able to walk a full 5K. It also means my New Year’s Day 5K will be shortened to a mile.

The doctor said my leg looked good and seemed to be healing properly. I only go back to see him if there are any issues. For those you might not be aware, I was diagnosed with chronic exertional compartment syndrome in August and had surgery mid-November.

I was just getting to where my walking was getting faster and faster and easier for me to do a 5K when pain starting occurring. First it was at the end of the 5K and right before surgery, it would start around 1/2 mile in. I am very anxious to start walking again and see if the surgery really did fix my leg.

I still plan on doing 13 5Ks in 2013. Most of the 5Ks in our area start in March, so there will be plenty to choose from.

Guess what I did last night? KETTLEBELLS! Be sure and check out my new Pinterest Kettlebell Board. The workout I did last night was:

WOW! I only did one circuit and I am feeling it. Of course I have been mostly inactive for two months, so it is to be expected. I actually didn’t do move 5 because I couldn’t figure it out and I was afraid of dropping it on my face. Going to have to watch some videos on kettlebells. I am going to need to find more arm exercises for the kettlebell. My thighs are super sore, but my arms not so much.

This afternoon I am heading to Planet Fitness to use their treadmill to walk a mile. I will probably alternate kettlebells with walking until Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp gets started on January 7th.

If you have any favorite kettlebell workouts/dvds/etc, please share with me in the comments.

TGIF! Enjoy your day! After work today, I am off until January 2nd. WOOHOO!!!! We are celebrating Christmas with our friends this evening so the long weekend will get started on a great note!


8 Responses to “Road to Recovery . . . 1/4 Mile at a Time”

  1. Glad you are back on your feet and walking. Hopefully your recovery goes really well!

  2. So glad you are back to being able to walk again!! I know how exciting that news can be. Kettlebells rock, and you will be rocking some amazing muscles from using them too!

  3. YAY! I’m doing Tina’s BBB starting 1/7 too! Kettlebells are a KILLER workout! I’m just getting into them myself and I can’t believe the diff between kettlebells and dumbbells!

  4. Yay! After 3 surgeries in 2011 I know how good it feels to get the go ahead from your surgeon. I just ordered Bob Harper’s kettle bell workout. I’m looking forward to trying something new for strength training. Train smart and you’ll be good to go in 9 weeks πŸ™‚

    You’re going to rock the13 in 2013!

  5. Yay! So excited that you can get started again. Also- Jillian Michaels has a Kettlebell video- can’t think of the exact name but let me know if you want to know the name and I’ll check. I think it might be shred it with weights (but her weight is a kettlebell)