Reviewing 2015 Goals – One Month In

Today is the last day of January 2015. That went by quickly. I figure since I set some goals for the year, I need to review them each month and see how I am doing.

2015 Goals

Happy New Year 2015

Yoga at least 1 – 2x per month – I am actually heading to yoga after I publish this blog and that will make 3 yoga classes at the gym plus random yoga on GaiamTV. This one is definitely on track.

Walk an average of one 5K per month – Walked the New Year’s Day 5K on the 1st and have February’s scheduled for the 14th. I also have March, April, and May scheduled. This one is definitely on track.

Start online health and fitness coaching business – Launched on my online health and fitness coaching business on January 5th. I am only taking on a few clients per month and still have space for February if you are interested. This one is definitely still in progress and will continue through the year.

Give/sell things I am not using and stop buying things I don’t truly need – As you saw from my cleaning post, I got rid of a ton of stuff in my home office. I will be tackling one room each month. I am also *trying* to really think about each purchase. Definitely on track.

Workout in the AM a few mornings a week – Once again, this is not happening. Will reevaluate. I have to accept this may never happen.

Utilize standing desk at work more often – This needs to happen. I don’t think I utilized my standing desk more than once or twice all month.

Four on track and two not so much. Pretty good.

How are your 2015 goals coming?



6 Responses to “Reviewing 2015 Goals – One Month In”

  1. love this! Especially the smile love and be awesome bit 😉 I’m hoping to get an online fitness started as well as soon as I can pass my NASM. So far my Boston Qualifying goal is looking good with training! 2015 will be awesome!

  2. I need to look into a standing desk–I spend too much time sitting when I’m at home. :[ Tackling one room at a time for decluttering is a great idea! :] Makes it so much more manageable! (I need to do that too!)

  3. Great goals! I am definitely behind on my running miles but I knew that would be the case. Other goals keep changing as life keeps changing! Looks like I may be moving for the third time in a year (like 30 or so miles away but still) and so I’m having a hard time getting in to good routines.

  4. I love that you are checking in to see where you are on your goals! I need to do a bit of decluttering as well. I keep saying next weekend. But that’s not happening!

  5. I did the same exercise today. It is important to keep one’s resolutions in check to book progress.
    I am also trying to control the amount of things I own. It is true that because of all the material I am acquiring for training, it is hard not to do it. #success