Reviewing 2015 Goals – 2 Months Down

Welcome to March 2015. February FLEW by. I think the two weeks of snow, sleet, and ice didn’t help matters. I certainly lost track of time then. Hopefully this week everything will be back to “normal.” Work from work, be able to make it to the gym, etc.

I plan to review my goals for the year each month, so here we go!

2015 Goals

Happy New Year 2015

Yoga at least 1 – 2x per month – I made it to Saturday morning yoga class twice this month. One Saturday I was at a 5K and the other we were snowed in. I plan to start trying the Thursday evening yoga classes, taught by the same Saturday instructor, since my Saturdays for the next two months are mostly 5Ks.

Walk an average of one 5K per month – Walked the Chocolate Lover’s 5K with my hubby on Valentine’s Day. Put together my 2015 5K Walking schedule as well. Looks like I will get the majority of the 5Ks done before June.

Start online health and fitness coaching business – Launched my online health and fitness coaching business on January 5th. I am working to learn more about marketing my business online and am doing Blog School and IIN’s Immersion Program the next few months.

Give/sell things I am not using and stop buying things I don’t truly need – This month I tackled my 31 room. I have a stack of stuff to sell and some of my consultants and I have put together a “yard sale” for late in March. I am also trying to stay away from Target unless absolutely necessary. I went to Target Saturday and made it out for under $40 – that’s almost unheard of.

Workout in the AM a few mornings a week – This truly may never happen. One last month and then it is off the list.

Utilize standing desk at work more often – I cannot take this off the list, I need to use my standing desk. Again, I blame my winter shoes. And for this month, I actually worked more days at home than at work (where the standing desk is).

Four goals on track and two not so much. Same as last month.

How are your 2015 goals coming?



4 Responses to “Reviewing 2015 Goals – 2 Months Down”

  1. It took me a LONG time to get used to working out in the AM. I still struggle every now and again but now I’m hooked! And I totally need to add yoga into my monthly goals!