Review June Goals / Set July Goals

My Healthiest Self Ever

In January, I made the intention/goal that in 2014 I would be my healthiest self ever. I decided in June that I would set some specific goals, so let’s review them.

June 2014 Goals Review

Try 2 new fitness classes (maybe karate, body flow, body jam)SUCCESS – Tried Body Flow and Zumba. Unfortunately both bothered my foot. I am now sticking with HIIT cardio and weight lifting until I see my doctor again.

Limit Core Barre to 2 times per weekSUCCESS – But only because I was told to NOT do Core Barre from my foot specialist.

One yoga class per weekFAIL – This was a fail because once again, I was told to stop this class from my foot specialist. Obviously I did not know I would have these limitations when I set my goals.

More strength trainingPARTIAL SUCCESS – Started strength training the last week of the month. Really excited about it.

New website ready to be designed/developedFAIL – Still playing around with so many ideas in my head. I am close, but not ready to pass everything off to the designer.

Make extra moneyPARTIAL SUCCESS – Made a little extra money at the extra sale and through a couple of other venues. Didn’t get my elliptical sold which I had wanted to.

Pack lunch at least 1x per weekSUCCESS – I brought my lunch 1 day per week.

Wear a dress once per weekPARTIAL SUCCESS – I wore 3 out of 4 of my dresses in June. Still one to go but it is a little dressy.

Track income and expenseSUCCESS – Logged every penny. Will be reviewing this weekend to see where I can make changes.

Start working on complexion/skin careSUCCESS – Can’t wait to share my blog post about this with you. Probably next week. There will be a giveaway with it as well.

July 2014 Goals

Ten goals were too many for June, so I am going to stick with five for July.

What are your goals for July?

Have a healthy day!


3 Responses to “Review June Goals / Set July Goals”

  1. It sounds like you did real well in June. Ten is a lot of goals. Your July hoals sound great. I’m checking out the healthy living challenge now.

  2. whew everyone has so many goals for just 30 days it exhausts me! I’m just trying to get up each day feel good and do it again, ha! 🙂

    I love the variety of your goals!

  3. You rocked June so hard given your doctor’s orders! Can’t wait to hear about your beauty routine and strength program. What did you end up wearing to your niece’s graduation?