Ready for Best Body Bootcamp Round 2?

Hello! Did you have a great day yesterday? We had a productive day at work and then I did the Triple Threat Cardio workout at Planet Fitness. It looked something like this:

* Treadmill – 10 minutes – .53 miles
* Elliptical – 10 minutes – .72 miles
* Arc Trainer – 10 minutes – .45 miles

That’s a total of 30 minutes and 1.7 miles. I was dripping sweat when I was through and my legs felt like jelly. Luckily I have the black card membership at Planet Fitness and can sit in their massage chairs. I ate an orange immediately after coming home. My post-workout snacks are either an orange or 1/2 cup of the Mayfield Trumoo chocolate milk. What’s your favorite post-workout snack?

I leave for the beach ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!! Can you tell I am slightly excited? My mom and I are looking forward to our mother/daughter trip. Our hubbies will be home holding down the fort. Then, I return on Monday and guess what happens?

Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp Round 2!

Earlier this year was round 1 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. She promised us another one late summer/early fall and she is delivering on her promise. What is bootcamp you might ask?

Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp will provide workouts to help you achieve a fit lifestyle. This bootcamp is for everyone at ALL LEVELS. From beginner to advanced. From someone who works out daily to someone who is trying to figure out where to start. You do not have to belong to a gym. You do not need fancy equipment. You do not have to be a runner. You do not have to be a blogger. There is a GREAT Facebook group that you will get added to that is so incredibly supportive and helpful. As Tina puts it: “reach for a better, stronger, healthier version of yourself.”

WHO SHOULD GO TO BOOTCAMP: Anyone! All fitness levels are welcome. Grab your family, friends, coworkers, whoever and do this together! Have you been meaning to start working out but don’t know where? Tina’s bootcamp is a great place to get started.

WHAT IS BOOTCAMP: Per Tina’s website: “An 8 Week Fitness Program adapted for all fitness levels and geared to improving your lifestyle. You will receive a workout plan that keeps your body guessing and includes alterations for your current level of fitness, while also pushing you farther. The workouts have options for the gym or home and are made to fit YOUR needs and schedule.

WHEN DOES BOOTCAMP START: Starts Monday, July 23rd and ends Sunday, September 16th.

WHERE DO I SIGN UP: Online! Through

WHY SHOULD YOU PARTICIPATE: Great workouts. Tons of support. The plan is flexible and open to all fitness levels. Work on getting healthier AND other personal, health related goals (that you choose). And did I mention the CASH PRIZES? Yes. CASH PRIZES.

HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST YOU: The cost is $25 to register. In Starbucks terms, I think that’s about 5 fancy drinks. Tina sets $10 of each registration towards cash prizes. In Round 1, we had over 300 participants and THREE $1000 winners! Everyone loves cash right? The more people who sign up, the bigger the prize money pool.

You may be wondering why you should let Tina design a workout for you or what her qualifications are. Tina is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. This is an excellent certification to look for when choosing a personal trainer. Seriously. Tina was my online personal trainer at the first of this year. She is incredible and super nice. The Facebook support group is not just for all of the participants, but Tina posts there also and offers suggestions and support.

Have you done the math yet? You get 8 WEEKS of workouts for $25. That is $3.13 PER WEEK. You will not find a value like this at any health club. Also, Tina’s plan is flexible based on your skill level and your schedule. You decide what days you will workout. You decide what times you will work out. You will get out of bootcamp what you put into it.

Head on over to Tina’s site and take a look around. Then consider registering for bootcamp. You have until Friday July 20th at 8PM EST to register. What are you waiting for? Come join me!

Have a great day!

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  1. Work that booty at boot camp. LOL. Okay, I’m a giant child.

    Congrats and looking forward to the continued progress. Great share, Tina rock!