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Your Path To Fit

If you are like I was, you are tired of being tired all the time and not feeling comfortable in your body. You may have tried dozens of diets and workout plans only to find that nothing worked for you and you feel worse than before. You want to be healthy and fit, but just don’t know how to go about it.

Other people go on restrictive diets and intensive workout programs only to wind up binge eating later or injuring themselves by doing too much, too soon. Many people let the number on the scale define their happiness level for the day and how much they can eat or have to work out that day. What if I told you that you could be happy and healthy in the body you have right now?

My online coaching program is designed for women of all ages at all health and fitness levels. I will personally customize a program for you based on your goals, your schedule, and your equipment. The workouts I design for you can be done at home or in a gym – your preference. I want to work with what you already have without you having to buy any expensive equipment. I will also help you learn to be a “normal” eater without restricting the foods you love or exercising hours upon hours a day.

What does the Your Path To Fit online coaching program include?

  • Monthly workouts customized for your goals
  • Email and/or text motivation, encouragement and support throughout the month
  • Weekly health and fitness tips (customized around your interests and needs)
  • “7 Steps to Becoming an Intuitive Eater” PDF
  • “7 Ideas for Self Care” PDF
  • 25 minute phone call at the beginning of the program to discuss your goals and any questions or concerns you might have
  • 25 minute phone call each month to check in

Why work with me?

I have been where you are. I have been on every diet imaginable. I have counted points, calories, macros. I have restricted my food until I wound up binging. I followed every fad diet and workout program there was. I was convinced it could be done in 21 days or 3 months. But it can’t. Healthy is a lifestyle and a mindset. The first shift is to learn to love the body you are in now, not to hate it and punish it. I can help with that. I am a certified holistic health coach and a certified personal trainer.

What have my clients said?

  • “Since working with Glenneth, I am exercising more and making healthier food choices. I feel stronger and more confident.” – Missy
  • “The recommendations given to me by Glenneth were excellent. When I started with her I was lukewarm about losing weight and I was bent on living an unhealthy lifestyle because it was easier and I was depressed. Her support really encouraged me.” – Chelsa

What does the Your Path To Fit online coaching program cost?

Please note new special pricing!

⇒   3 months – $375 $297   ⇐

⇒   6 months – $750 $497   ⇐


If you sign up BEFORE October 1st, receive entry into my upcoming “Walk Your Way to a 5K” program for FREE ($97 value).

Note: I am only able to work with a limited number of women, so grab your spot now.

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Online Coaching

Once your payment has been verified, you will receive an e-mail with links to two online forms (a Initial Questionnaire and a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) that must be completed before your registration can be finalized. Additionally, a liability waiver will be emailed to you that must be signed and returned.

Have questions or want to know if we are a good fit? Email me at glenneth at yourpathtofit dot com or use the contact form below. We will schedule a 20 minute call to discuss.

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