Quick & Healthy Appetizer + Gift Ideas

Good morning and Happy Sunday! Hope you are having a great weekend! It is definitely getting colder in our area. I had to wear a light jacket last night and I have on a sweatshirt over my PJs this morning. Brr.

We had our 31 Celebrate and Connect Meeting yesterday. I thought I might share some of the cute gift ideas the ladies had. Using our Littles Carry All Caddy, fill it with the recipient’s favorite foods, beverages, or even movie tickets. Hang a cute ornament off the side and presto – GIFT!

Gift Idea 1

Our Timeless Memory Pouches make fantastic gift bags. Do you make home jams, party mix, etc.? Put one of the jars in the small gift bag, add some festive paper and a bow and you are set. The gift bags are reusable for things such as jewelry, shoes, etc.

Gift Idea 2

Finally our Perfect Bottle Thermal with an Icon Coin Purse. Add the recipient’s favorite bottle of wine and what a cute gift!

Gift Idea 3

If anything interests you, you can check out my 31 website HERE.

For this meeting we were all asked to bring an appetizer to share. This was what I made. Super easy and quick, so I wanted to share it with you.

Healthy Appetizer


  • 16 oz tub of Greek Yogurt
  • Packet of Ranch dip
  • Veggies of choice
  • Bread Bowl

The day before the event, add the ranch dip to the greek yogurt and stir really well. Put back in the refrigerator to set. Cut up any veggies that need it. I used baby carrots and then cut up a couple stalks of celery.

Right before the event, cut the bread into a bowl. Fill the bowl with the dip. Place on a platter with all the dippers around.

Voila! Super quick and healthy appetizer.

Have a healthy day!


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