Portion Control Tips

Monday, Monday. Here we go again. Could be an interesting week. Snow is predicted 4 out of 5 workdays and there are even some predictions we are getting 2-3 inches of that white stuff. Thankfully I made a grocery store run yesterday so we are stocked up. Bring on the snow!

While scheduling workouts is important, flexibility and listening to your body is just as important. After yesterday’s Body Combat class, I will be taking today as a rest day. I only had treadmill walking on the schedule and I will be doing that before my Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday classes anyways. My only fear is that I might get snowed out of one of my classes later in the week.

Check out this graphic I found on Facebook yesterday showing how much fruit you can have for ONLY 100 calories!

100 Calorie of Fruit

Speaking of portions, let’s talk portion control tips!

Portion Control Tips

* Use smaller plates, cups, bowls. Put less food on your plate immediately. If it is not on your plate, in your cup, or in your bowl you are less likely to eat it or go back for seconds.

* Use smaller containers for leftovers. Put your leftovers into single serving containers. This makes snacks and lunches easier as well.

* Eat a salad before your meal. This helps curb your appetite and won’t leave you starving until your entrée is done.

* Eating out? Split an entrée with someone. If no one wants to split an item with you, ask for a to-go container as soon as your meal arrives. Some restaurants have even started offering smaller portions – don’t be afraid to ask.

* Portion out store-bought items. When you buy items in bulk, take them home and make single serving bags (think almonds, dried cranberries, etc.). Target makes some fabulous portion control baggies in their UP line of products.

* Eat mini meals throughout the day. Four to six mini meals is a great number to aim for. If you make sure you aren’t starving at a typical meal time, you will be less likely to overeat.

* Don’t skip meals. If you skip a meal, you will probably be much hungrier at the next meal which makes it that much more tempting to overeat.

How do you practice portion control? Leave your tips in the comments.

Have a healthy day!


6 Responses to “Portion Control Tips”

  1. Im an intuitive eater EXCEPT for pistachios!!
    I portion those suckers out into bags of 49

  2. I LOVE your tip on using small containers for leftovers. I frequently cook large meals (slow cooker FTW!) for the purpose of having leftovers for my week’s lunches. Rather than putting them in one large container, I portion them out immediately – makes life easier and ensures I won’t eat more than I need.