Planning 100 Days Til Summer

Good morning! Spinning class was great last night. I am really glad I joined Provision Health and Wellness. Everyone is so friendly there. Seriously, I have never attended group fitness classes where everyone is so nice and genuinely happy to see you. Our instructor doesn’t just teach spinning, she teaches about fitness. Last night while riding we learned all about heart rates, over-training, etc. Tons of fun.

Yikes. Thanks to Run to the Finish’s post yesterday, I realized there are ONLY 100 days til summer. 100 days til June 1st. Are you ready for summer season? Ready to wear tank tops, shorts, and BATHING SUITS? If not, what are you doing to get ready?

I am certainly not ready, but I am going to start planning and working my plan. Remember the goal pyramid from Monday? I am going to create one for March, April, and May to achieve my before summer goals.

The big goals will be:

  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Participate in six 5Ks
  • Tone up my arms

Now I have to break that down into smaller steps. I plan to track the next 100 days and my goals in my new notebook. I adore supplies. Just wish I had an endless supply of funds. Once I get my March plan together, I will make it into a graphic and share with you!

Other things that will happen in the next 100 days:

  • I will pass my 2nd health coach exam and be able to see clients.
  • Mother’s Day Crab Boil
  • Beginner’s Yoga series
  • TRX Suspension class series
  • My friend A is going to Europe for the 1st time
  • My friend M’s son is graduating high school
  • Social Slam 3
  • Bowl for Kids Sake

What goals would you like to achieve before summer? Are you working on your plan? Any big summer vacations coming up?

Enjoy your day!


6 Responses to “Planning 100 Days Til Summer”

  1. I cant believe how time is flying!!
    and by SUMMER I will be firmly entrenched in a YOGA ROUTINE IN MY NEW HOOD.

  2. Great goals!

    In the next 100 days – I plan to find a new job, get in the habit of exercising and cooking again, and try Krav Maga!

  3. thanks for the shout out and I love the goals!! I need to write mine down to make them more concrete just like you have done here. I keep saying I need one of those amazeball planners too

  4. Good idea writing your goals down.
    I want to join a local running club before summer to start improving my running and meet local runners, going to try a few runs in the next few weeks before joining
    We are going to visit the Mammoth Caves this summer, can’t wait