Pet Peeves At the Gym

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Pet Peeves At The Gym

While for the most part I think people at my gym (and other gyms I have been to) are respectful of others, there are a few pet peeves I have. They are:

  • Playing your phone/tablet (music or video) so that others can hear it. That’s why headphones and wireless headphones were made. I might not want to do the same exercise video you are doing or listen to the same music.
  • Not cleaning up spills. Let’s face it – we all spill something (probably water) around the gym. Most often there are paper towels nearby for wiping down equipment – wipe up your spills!
  • Not putting back weights / equipment. Leaving equipment out is not only rude, but dangerous. It only takes a minute and if you can lift it, you can put it back.
  • Dropping weight on the floor/rack. Sometimes I can’t tell if we are having a thunder-storm or if the weight room is just busy. This is particular annoying when in the yoga room trying to find your zen.
  • Speaking of yoga, coming in late or leaving early – RUDE! Our yoga class starts in corpse pose and ends in it as well. It never fails that multiple people show up 5-10 minutes late, then want to have “their” space while everyone else is concentrating on their breathing.
  • I get people resting on equipment if they are doing back to back sets. However, it is rude to sit on it, not use it, and hold a phone conversation and not let others waiting get on.
  • Taking photos in the locker room. Admit it, we have all done it. HOWEVER, when other people are in there and changing clothes, I think it is a bad idea to have a camera out.

What pet peeves do you have at the gym?



7 Responses to “Pet Peeves At the Gym”

  1. Lol! Yes to all of these!!! Or the cardio machine hog. The sign says 30 minutes people!!! Or the flirty girls who just take up space. They’re obviously not there to work out..or the MEGA loud grunted dude. Oh yeah, and puuuuuuleaze wear deodorant. 😛

    • oh yes – please wear deodorant – but please DONT put on an entire bottle of cologne.

  2. There is a girl at my apartment gym that brings a freaking newspaper to read, leaves her stuff everywhere, and will be at the gym for hours. It is inane!

  3. Yes to all of these!! And I agree with Linz^ Wiping down a machine takes 2 seconds…just do it

  4. You nailed it! I have seen some crazy things at my gym like a guy wearing garden gloves to lift weights and the other day I was getting out of the shower to find a woman waiting outside to use it. She asked me if I was done as I’m standing there naked looking around at all the empty showers. I said to her there’s 5 other showers you could use. She said that one’s the best. Seriously? She watched me as I dried off my naked body. I don’t understand that. You definitely see it all!

  5. OMGOSH!!
    I havent belonged to a gym in so long I really didnt know LOCKER ROOM PICS WERE A THING!!!