Paddleboarding & Jet Ski Firsts

As I mentioned in my July 4th weekend recap on Tuesday, I went to the lake on the 4th of July. My cousins have a lake house and were kind enough to invite me over. One of my goals has been to try standup paddleboarding (last year I tried kayaking). Balance is definitely something I struggle with, but it looks like such fun. Come along with me as I show you how it went.

Paddleboarding & Jet Ski Firsts

Dressed and ready to go!


First things first – life jacket on! I can swim, but better safe than sorry. I also stopped and bought some of those Chums neoprene holders for my sunglasses. I knew I had to wear them (just to be able to see), but wanted to make sure if I fell in that they were safe. I got the kind that float just in case. (Prescription sunglasses are not cheap.)


The paddleboard was much larger and longer than I expected.


Tried to get in sitting off the dock, fell in.


Getting ON the paddleboard was much more difficult than I anticipated. See how it is wider than my arms? I should have watched some videos about this BEFORE attempting. I was truly just winging this.


Okay, finally in a sitting position.


This was the most comfortable position of all. Should have just stayed like this.


Got to a kneeling position. Not as comfortable, but easy to manage.


Attempting to start standing up.


One foot . . .


And fell off and had to get back on.


And pretty much it went that way until I was too tired to get back on and gave up. Another first was riding on a jet ski for the first time! Much more stable than the paddleboard. It was a beautiful day and there were tons of boaters and jet skis on the lake. That’s also what made it slightly more challenging to paddleboard – all of their waves.


All in all, it was a fun time at the lake. Thankfully we will probably have lake weather until the end of September so I might get another try in this summer.

Lessons learned:

I could be mad that I wasn’t successful, but I am happy that I tried. It was truly out of my comfort zone. It told me what I need to work on – upper body strength and balance. It also reminded me I might want to watch some tutorials of the correct way to do this. I could have been going about it completely wrong.

I start working with a new trainer (online) on Monday. Upper body strength is something that I have put high on my goals.

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What is something you have tried or done that is out of your comfort zone this year?



7 Responses to “Paddleboarding & Jet Ski Firsts”

  1. Joyce

    Good job trying! That board is obviously huge.

  2. Good for you for giving it a try. I’m sure if you had a chance to practice a bit you’d be paddleboarding like a pro. One of my friends had started teaching paddleboard yoga. Reading this tells me I better get in some practice before I attempt that!

  3. omg you’re so brave!! i dont think i could do this. I have tried to water ski, and its crazy hard!!

  4. I just love this post. Filled with so much Summer fun! It’s so awesome that you got to try all these different activities!

  5. Oh gosh, paddle boarding looks hard!! Way to go for giving it a shot 🙂 I do love being on the water, isn’t it great?