Only YOU Can Make Your Health A Priority

I actually starting writing this post last year and discovered it in my drafts. The older (and wiser) I get, the more I realize that we have to truly take charge of our own health and make it a priority. This includes any injuries, illnesses, metrics (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.), and such. Your spouse isn’t going to do it for you. You doctor can’t do it for you. Only YOU can make your health a priority.

Only YOU Can Make Your Health a Priority

Maybe you are feeling out of sorts or have an injury that just won’t go away. You may have to do some of the following in order to find out what is causing your issue and/or get the issue treated:

See You Doctor Again – Make sure they are aware that the issue is persisting. Keep notes on what is happening, how you might be self-treating, and what symptoms you have. Your GP is typically your first stop for any problems (especially if your insurance is like mine and you have to gte referrals to other doctors).

Get a second opinion or a new doctor – If you feel your doctor isn’t listening to you or brushing you off, it might be time for a new doctor or, at least, a second opinion. I would not ask them for a recommendation, I would find out from family and friends who they feel listens to them. When my long-time GP retired, I went with a new lady going the group. I immediately “fired” her after our first meeting. I could tell instantly she didnt care about me (didn’t even ask my symptoms), she was running a quick stop doc and assumed I had what everyone else had. I found a different doctor in the same group and couldn’t be happier now.

See a specialist or even a second one – Your doctor might need to refer you to a specialist. Try to get in right away. Some specialists can have 2 to 4 month waiting lists. Don’t wait. Get on the cancelation list or take whatever appointment they have available (even if not convenient for you). If they aren’t available, is there another specialist in your area? Be firm that you need to see the doctor sooner rather than later.

Google – Yes, I know doctor’s hate this. There is a ton of bad info on the internet, but there is also some very helpful info out there. You, and only you; can decide what works best for YOU.

Chiropractor – Some people refuse to see a Chiropractor based on hearsay or misconceptions. While a Chiropractor is not always the answer, I hear more good stories about them, then bad. Get a consultation with one and tell them your issues, you never know where the solution might be. Some people swear by Chiropractors adjusting them once a month.

Acupuncture – Again, something I have never tried, but many people swear by it. Be open to trying new things. Just because it didn’t work for your best friend, doesn’t mean it might not work for you. This is YOUR health we are talking about – don’t give up on a solution, keep going!

Physical Therapy – Physical therapy can be super helpful when recovering from an injury or surgery. Having experienced this myself with my foot issues, I would go back in a heartbeat if needed. Just like doctors though, if you don’t think your therapist is listening to you, find a new one.

Essential Oils – I have not been sick (like cold, flu, bronchitis) since I regularly started using and diffusing my oils. My office has been healthier as well as my hubby. Three years ago I thought essential oils were a lot of hype, and now I swear by them and carry them with me daily. Why? I learned they work for me!

The older we get, the more important it is to get healthy and stay healthy. Be willing to experiment and try new things. Know what sounds suspicious and know what sounds helpful. Giving people on the internet money for a weird treatment – suspicious. Trying a different pair of shoes for your foot problem – possibly helpful.

Five key areas of health: movement, eating fruits and veggies, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress.

Take charge of your health NOW! Make it a priority.

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What do you do to make your health a priority?



11 Responses to “Only YOU Can Make Your Health A Priority”

  1. If I had listened to my body a year ago and gone back to my doctor, surgery would have been last year instead of last month. Always ask yourself why you aren’t getting better.

  2. YES!!!! When my health issues first started I ignored them for a long time, but finally I was like wait TIRED,SICK and STRESSED are not normal no matter what the news is telling me! I sought out a lot of different doctors to finally get it right.

  3. I agree! You have to push to get answers. I had a bad health scare but before I was diagnosed with a DVT in my leg, I was told by a slew of doctors that it was “nothing” or exercise induced asthma, walking pneumonia, etc. I know my body and I knew something was wrong. I will never doubt myself again!

  4. I listen to my body. I’ve learned that when it does signal when something is wrong. I just have to pay attention AND take action.

  5. This is such a great post! I had hip surgery last January and even though my hip feels 90% better, I made an appointment with a PT in my new city just to see how I can make it feel 100% all the time! I thought the doctors were going to kill me in the 8 months it took them to diagnose my hip injury because I kept saying, “Well, Google said…” haha took much googling can definitely drive you crazy but I think if you stick with reputable sites it’s ok to do a little research for yourself!

  6. Great tips! I think the only other thing I could add is to trust your instincts. If you don’t like what you are being told–be it treatment or diagnosis, get that second, third opinion.

  7. I definitely am guilty of putting off seeing a doctor. I’ve had some ongoing issues, and need to just bite the bullet and go. Thanks for the extra push!

  8. My health is a priority and when I finally started listening to my body I began to feel better than ever. Same here with EOs! You might not believe me if I told you how long it’s been since I was sick. Not even the slightest sniffle. Have a great weekend Glenneth!

  9. I agree that it’s important to try new things and experiment to stay healthy. I have recently started experimenting with essential oils recently and I found that they do live up to the hype!