Online Personal Training – Does it Work?

Strength Chick

After much thought, I decided I needed a real workout routine. Walking (or the elliptical or the bike trainer) now and then, just isn’t cutting it. I need specific instructions AND I must incorporate strength training.

I have had personal trainers in the past. A few have been absolutely fabulous, a few were real duds. Since I am such an online person, I decided to go with an online trainer. I had been reading Tina’s blog for months (long before it was Best Body Fitness). She changed her blog name to Best Body Fitness when she became an NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Ironically enough, I completely overlooked her talking about offering online personal training and saw it on another blog (so wish I could remember whose). I contacted Tina with a couple of questions and then signed up. I completed a detailed questionnaire and provided her with all my information I thought was relevant. Then, she sent me a personalized program and yesterday was Day 1 of my workouts.

While I won’t be sharing the detailed workout program with you (I paid for this and it is tailored just to me), I will be sharing general information with you and letting you know if having an online personal trainer works as well as having a face-to-face one.

Yesterday was a cardio day. Luckily I have options for my cardio and I choose my elliptical machine. I really do have a love/hate relationship with the elliptical. I won’t always choose it for my cardio, but it will probably see quite a bit of use during the winter months.

Today was strength training day. I got up early and got it done! WOOHOO!!! Felt pretty good except for my left shoulder (where I landed on my bike wreck Sunday). And boy are my abs weak. I know they are in there somewhere, just under some padding.

I have a couple of new mottos to go with my training:

Have a great Tuesday!

Today’s talking point: What’s your motto for 2012?

5 Responses to “Online Personal Training – Does it Work?”

  1. I’m really excited to work together Glenneth! And do you mind if I use one of those quotes in my “Weekend Countdown” post…linking back to you of course? Can’t wait to see your progress. I just know you have the heart to stay committed and see great changes in your fitness.

  2. I can’t wait to read more. I had to pin the cookie motto for inspiration to myself later on!