On The Road to a Diagnosis

Good morning! Wednesday already! Busy day today including another spinning class. WOOHOO!!!

So, did you notice the new badge to the right? More on that later…

So, yesterday, my calf issue finally felt real. Where it has just been pain and me trying different things with my general practitioner, yesterday I had my first test as prescribed by an orthopedic specialist. And the test was at a hospital. I went through Admissions/Registration, filled out a TON of paperwork, got fitted with my ID bracelet, and led to an exam room. Thankfully I had the sweetest Ultrasound Tech. Seriously, she was awesome.

She did ultrasounds on both legs from groin to ankle, stopping various places in between. After that was complete, she took my blood pressure in both arms and both ankles. I have never had my blood pressure taken in my ankles. Then, I had to get up and do calf raises for 5 minutes, than lay back down for a repeat of the blood pressure testing. All told, I was in there for about 50 minutes being tested.

Tomorrow I go for an MRI, then next week back to the specialist to review the results. So, we will see. If the diagnosis requires surgery, then surgery I shall have. While I am not thrilled at the prospect of surgery, I am thrilled at the thought of getting my calf fixed once and for all.

Later in the evening, I went walking while hubby was running. I started out super slow. Slow and steady. And you know what? I finished 3.1 miles. I haven’t actually walked a 5K distance in a while and I have two races in October. I will not be able to have surgery before these races, so I will be dealing with the leg pain. It was great to complete the distance, even if I was slow.

Check out what happened to our walking loop though:

Lots and lots of dirt piled up and a REALLY big hole. Luckily we could still use most of the path. Walk to it, turn around, walk to the other side, turn around, repeat.

Must finish getting ready for work. This Thirty-One Cinch It Up Thermal with Mini Zipper Pouch is great for taking my breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the day.

What activity are you most excited about this week? Any exciting news to share?

Enjoy your day!

10 Responses to “On The Road to a Diagnosis”

  1. You have the best attitude. And yet I’m still praying/visualizing NO SURGERY for you.

  2. I had to have a test done a few months ago at the hospital – it’s so crazy how they have a completely separate section of the hospital just for people to come in and do all their paperwork before heading off to wherever their test is. I think that was more nerve-wracking than the test itself (I also got lost on my way from point A to B, go figure)! I hope you get everything figured out ASAP, and that it doesn’t require surgery – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂

    • The hospital had people that actually walked with you and passed you off to the next stage so that you were always in the right spot. it was pretty nice.

      • Ahh that’s lucky! They handed me a slip of paper and told me to follow the directions in column A for where I needed to go, and they had me wandering around in the basement as patients were being wheeled by!

    • Thanks tami! I intended on coming but it seems the guys at work gave me their crud. I came home and went to bed instead.