New Shoes & 2 Personal Records

Hello and Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend going? Let me rewind to Friday night. We went to dinner with friends, then headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods because I wanted some new shoes for walking. Check these out:

I LOVE them. They are Brooks Glycerin 10. Their official color is listed as Diva Pink / Anthracite / Silver. I have really been wanting some bright colorful shoes. I tried on some other ones that were brighter and/or more colorful, but I cannot buy shoes that don’t feel good on my feet – no matter how pretty I think they are. Brooks just makes shoes that feel good on my feet. I wanted to make sure these were the ones so I wore them around the house while I did housework yesterday. They are keepers!

So, the first week in Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp is coming to an end today. Let’s discuss.

Each week we set two personal goals. They don’t necessarily need to be a workout, but something health related that we can control. We can change them each week or keep them. My two this week were:

* Plank / Bridge
* 64oz Water

We get “credit” for them if we complete them at least 5 days during the week. I completed both of them! I will probably keep them the same for week 2. Drinking water really helps me. Since I am traveling this week, I need to be aware of getting my water in. I am keeping the plank / bridge in because it is something I can pretty much do anywhere – office, hotel room, etc.

Guess who set TWO PRs (personal records) yesterday? Did you guess me? I thought that was obvious.

First up, I had signed up to walk the 1 mile fun walk at a 5K hubby ran yesterday. I knew with this being the weekend between trips that I didn’t want to walk the full 5K. So, I decided to try and see how FAST I could walk a mile. Check this out:

That is a PR by 52 seconds. WOOHOO!!!

My 2nd PR of the day was doing a plank. Here is my timer:

I am HUGELY surprised about this. I left my plank to the end of the day when I was tired from my walk and all the housework I did. I figured I would do 30 seconds and stop. Imagine my surprise when I first looked up and it had been almost a minute. I knew then I needed to keep hanging in as long as possible. WOOHOO!!!

That’s the best part of Tina’s Bootcamp – we aren’t competing against each other, but ourselves. Tina’s goal is that we each improve individually in whatever area we are working on. The Facebook support group offers so much encouragement and motivation for everyone – regardless of if they are training for a 5K or a marathon.

Share something fun from this weekend!

On today’s agenda: laundry, visiting the new Target, relaxing, and a walk with hubby.

Enjoy your Sunday!

7 Responses to “New Shoes & 2 Personal Records”

  1. Love new shoes! I’m doing Tina’s boot camp too… it’s so nice to have that accountability to get my strength training in. I really like it so far! And congrats on those two prs, how exciting!

  2. I like the shoes. I just bought my first pair of Brooks Cascadia 6. They’re last year’s model but are light trail shoes that provide great support. After losing 85 pounds using Weight Watchers Points Plus system, I now need to incorporate some real exercise.