My Weekend & Bootcamp Update

Monday, Monday – here we go again. I am ready to get this crazy week started. First, an update of my weekend and Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.

Weekend Update

I worked from home on Friday and was incredibly productive. Really proud of how much I got done. I am definitely going to enjoy my one work from home day a week. Friday night we had dinner with friends for one of their daughter’s birthday. Saturday was get things done day. My to-do list for Saturday starts really small on Monday and grows throughout the week. Again, I was incredibly productive and got most of Saturday’s and Sunday’s list done.

Sunday was pretty open. My toes desperately needed a polish, so off to the nail salon I went. The result:


There was also a quick trip to Staples. Some of my purchases include:

Tons of PostIts

I also created my own blind taste test using three different flavors of Naked Juice.

Naked Juice Taste Test

Why these three flavors? I would love to buy the “big” size of these instead of the small (15.2oz) size due to price. However, our store only carries these three big sizes. So, I created my own blind taste test. I think Blue Machine is definitely my favorite of the three. My favorite Naked Juice is Orange Mango and it is ONLY sold in the small size. So sad.

Naked Juice is a great way to add fruits and/or veggies and vitamins to your diet. I don’t drink a lot of my calories, but these are definitely worth it. There are no added sugars or preservatives. I also bought one of their newest flavors to try – Power Garden Berry Veggie.

Bootcamp Update

I cannot believe we are halfway through Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. Last week was rough. Between not feeling well on Monday and Tuesday, and being super sore on Saturday and Sunday, this was definitely my worst week of the first half. Here were my workouts:

  • Monday – Sick – No Workout
  • Tuesday – Workout A (strength) + hula hooping (cardio), 10 minute stretch video, plank
  • Wednesday – 10 minute stretch video, plank, Planned Rest Day
  • Thursday – Yoga and Hoops Class, 10 minute stretch video, plank
  • Friday – 25 minute walk – 1.3 miles (forgot how super hilly our neighborhood was), 10 minute stretch video, plank
  • Saturday – A little hula hopping, 10 minute stretch video, plank
  • Sunday – 15 minute arm workout, 10 minute arm workout, 10 minute stretch video, plank

I realized after my walk Friday around our neighborhood that I need to add more hills (or treadmill incline) to my workouts. I have mainly been doing flat areas since my surgeries. I plan to walk the neighborhood every Friday morning and do some incline work during the week. Gotta build my legs back up. 5Ks in Knoxville are not known for being flat.

My personal goals for last week were:

  • Plank as long as possible
  • Do a 10 minute FitnessGlo stretch video

My longest plank was 50 seconds. WOOHOO!!! I am still enjoying the stretching. I can tell the stretching has really helped with the way I feel and in making me more flexible/limber.

My personal goals for the next two weeks are:

  • Drink 48oz of water
  • Do a 10 minute FitnessGlo stretch video

It is a good habit for me to track how much water I drink every now and then to make sure I am still getting enough. With the 31 National Conference during the next two weeks, I definitely will need to be hydrated.

My tentative schedule for this week:

  • Monday – Planned Rest Day (Family Dinner)
  • Tuesday – Strength and Cardio
  • Wednesday – Planned Rest Day (Hair Appointment right after work + date night with hubby)
  • Thursday – Yoga and Hoops (last class)
  • Friday – Walking
  • Saturday – Workout B (strength) + Cardio
  • Sunday – Cardio

Since we are halfway through bootcamp, I took my measurements and weighed today. Overall, I am pretty pleased. I am down at LEAST an inch in all the areas Tina’s suggested we measure. I am also at my lowest weight of the entire year.

What did you do this weekend? Have you planned your workouts for the week? What two health goals would you list?

Enjoy your day!


10 Responses to “My Weekend & Bootcamp Update”

  1. hmmm I ran on Saturday and Sunday was a rest day! I have the same Mon, Wed, Fri crossfit class and Tues, Thurs, Sat running group that I like to keep every week! Makes life easy!
    2 goals I have would be to get an awesome pull up down…the other would be to get over my fear of handstands!

  2. and now suddenly I have a longing for SHARPIES.
    new ones
    colored ones
    PINKY SWEAR Ill use em to write my health goals with πŸ™‚

    • Glenneth

      love sharpies! i have WAYYYYY to many. but they are so fun. and colorful. and you can never have too many. right?

  3. I love fresh office supplies –probably from the days when they used to be school supplies! πŸ˜‰

    • Glenneth

      I do love when “school supplies” go on sale – means fun new office supplies for me!

  4. Nice goals and plank time! wahooo!! I just started adding incline and hills to my walks/workout because I realize my flat treadmill is pretty unrealistic… Shame, why can’t everything be flat πŸ˜‰

    • Glenneth

      Seriously – wish everything could be flat. Sadly, not the case. My legs hurt for days after doing our hills. I know what I need to work on!

  5. MHA (Missy)

    Hey there! Great job on that plank!

    Sat. I paddled a little under 2 miles, and ran 1.25 mi. while Dan rode his bike. Sunday I tried a HIIT running on Alcoa greenway, in the heat, in the sun. Not good. Started out wanting 5K, ended up wussing out at 4K.

    Plan for the week:
    Sun. 4K run (miserable)
    Mon. Rest day
    Tues. Core & HIIT elliptical
    Wed. visiting my parents; not sure
    Thurs. visiting my parents; not sure
    Fri. HIIT elliptical & Core class if I can find one to fit schedule
    Sat. Paddle or run or both

    Have a great week!

    • Glenneth

      Sounds like some great workouts! Enjoy the visit with your parents!

  6. crystal

    Hi Glenneth –
    I also LOVE LOVE Naked Juice. But I do buy the “big” size Orange Mango, Where do you shop for groceries?