My Ten June 2014 Goals

In January, I made the intention/goal that in 2014 I would be my healthiest self ever.

My Healthiest Self Ever

I think it is going pretty well, but I have decided for June, and maybe the next few months, to make some specific goals. Here we go!

June 2014 Goals

Try 2 new fitness classes (maybe karate, body flow, body jam) – I have been stuck in a Core Barre rut lately and want to break out of it. Our gym offers many classes I have never tried. Who knows? One of them my become my all-time favorite.

Limit Core Barre to 2 times per week – As I mentioned above, I am in a Core Barre rut. I think this has led to some of my foot problems. So, I am going to limit my Core Barre classes to two times per week. This will give more variety to my workout and help rest my foot at the same time.

One yoga class per week – I really enjoy yoga and it helps me tremendously. I want to make sure I plan and take one per week.

More strength training – This will probably mean 1-2 group circuit classes a week, but could be other classes or weight lifting on my own.

New website ready to be designed/developed – I am going to be combining my blog with my health coach site and have been working on what I want it to look like. I want to be ready to pass off to my designer (i.e., my coworker) by July 1.

Make extra money – Everyone always needs extra money and I also need to get rid of some STUFF. So I am participating in my friend’s yard sale to sell a lot of excess 31 items and I intend to sell my elliptical as well.

Pack lunch at least 1x per week – I have gotten in the bad habit of eating out every day. My goal for June is to bring my lunch at least once per week.

Wear a dress once per week – I bought FOUR dresses for the summer and I have worn one. I need to start wearing them.

Track income and expense – Always a good idea to get an idea where your money is going and coming from. So, for the month of June I will be logging all income and expenses.

Start working on complexion/skin care – You will have to wait and find out more about this one.

Ten goals! WOW! Didn’t plan on having that many, but let’s see how it goes.

What are your goals for June?

Have a healthy day!


2 Responses to “My Ten June 2014 Goals”

  1. Those are some fun plans, Glenn. There are some things I want to do, but I am not calling them plans yet. I wish you lots of success!