My Pre- & Post- Race Rituals

Hello! Hope you are having a great week. My week is going great. Two gym workouts plus some walking outdoors. Took yesterday as a rest day and I am back to weight lifting this evening.

Fall usually means tons of 5Ks in our area. Inspired by Teri’s post HERE, I thought I would share my pre- and post- race rituals with you. (FYI – This has been sitting in my drafts unfinished for quite sometime.)

Neon Vibe 5K

Pre-Race Rituals

  • Get up and take care of business.
  • Depending on how much time I have until we need to leave: read blogs, catch up on social media, clean the house, etc.
  • Make sure I have my Road ID bracelet, sunglasses, phone, headphones, lipbalm, and hand sanitizer all together. This is where the FlipBelt (below) comes in handy.
  • Decide what to wear. I do not do this before the race. I decide what I feel like wearing that morning based on the weather forecast. Runner’s World has a great little survey you can complete to help you decide.
  • Drink some water, but not a lot.
  • Get dressed, brush teeth, and do business one last time. I skip makeup for races – except will maybe put on some tinted moisturizer.
  • Grab my CamelBak with ice and water. While most 5Ks do have at least 1 water stop, I always try to carry my own water as well.
  • Head out with hubby for race. Sometimes I wait til we are on the road for my breakfast (mini bagel with peanut butter). Just depends on how long before the race.
My Flipbelt Review

Post-Race Rituals

  • Water. Lots of water.
  • Walk around stretching my legs.
  • If I was doing a short race and hubby a long one, stand at finish line waiting for him so I can cheer.
  • Sometimes we head to Subway for breakfast after a race, often we just head home.
  • Usually I spend at least 30 minutes on the couch just resting and reading after we get home.
  • Shower and get ready for my day.
  • If the 5K is an evening one, I normally don’t eat dinner before the race, we wait and eat after.

I actually haven’t done a 5K other than the color runs in a few months. I am looking forward to doing 1 or 2 this Fall/Winter.

What pre- and post- race rituals do you have?

Have a healthy day!


4 Responses to “My Pre- & Post- Race Rituals”

  1. i have to set out my gear and outfit the night before or i wont sleep. the best part to after my race is the shower and then sitting on the couch while my boyfriend makes me breakfast! 🙂

  2. I’m intrigued by the flip belt. Where did you find it and how, exactly, does it work?

    • hi kim! here is my review of the flipbelt:, and you can order via it sits on your waist and has plenty of room for things you might carrying while walking or running. the only thing i have that wont fit in there is my huge galaxy note 3. these are perfect for races or just going walking for a bit. let me know if you have any more questions! i love mine. and they come in about 10 different colors.