My Plans & Goals for the Autumnfest 5K

Tomorrow I will be walking my 12th 5K of the year. This was one of the goals I set at the beginning of the year and I was beginning to wonder if I would make it with all my foot problems. Today on the blog, I am sharing my plans for walking the 5K along with my goals for the race.

My Plans and Goals for the Autumnfest 5K

Between the last 5K and this one, I have seen a foot specialist and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. She gave me many things to do (and not do). So, I have a better idea of what might help before, during, and after the race.

Before the race:

  • Wear my Strassberg Sock at night. This has been a true game changer with the pain. I have worn it every night since I got it.
  • Stretch my foot really good before I even get out of bed. I typically forget this step because I am so used to just hoping up. How to do this? Trying writing the alphabet with your foot!
  • Stretch my foot and legs really good before leaving for the race.
  • Wear my Brooks Glycerins with inserts. Possibly wear my new compression sock. Unsure about the compression sock during the race. Some days it makes things better, some days not.

During the race:

  • Walk slow and steady.
  • Slow down on hills (both up and down). The doctor recommended not walking any hills at all. That’s practically impossible in this town, but I can slow down. This course is fairly flat (for the area).
  • Hydrate as needed.
  • Stop and stretch if necessary.

After the race:

  • Stretch my foot really good before getting in the car and sitting for a while.
  • Once home, ice my foot and roll my foot over the ice bottle.
  • Stretch again.
  • Rest. I will have a good solid hour that I can spend icing, stretching, and resting after the race before need to get ready for our Thanksgiving lunch. I plan to use every minute possible.

My goals for the race:

a) Finish. I just want to start and finish the race.
b) Finish under an hour. I can typically finish around 50 minutes – but that is when I have been walking a lot and without pain.
c) Finish without pain or injuring myself worse.

The good news is that I don’t plan on any 5Ks during December. My next one will be January 1st.

Cheers! Happy walking or running!


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