My Not So Great Bootcamp Update

Monday - Let's Do This

MONDAY is here! This is the week I have been waiting for – the 31 National Conference. I cannot tell you how excited I am to get away with some great friends for a long weekend of fun. I will not be blogging, but I have a couple of guest posts for you to enjoy. I will be on Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to follow me there. See the latest products and patterns that 31 has to offer.

Time to update my bootcamp process. This past week was not my best bootcamp week by any means. Here were my workouts:

  • Monday – Planned Rest Day (family dinner night), 10 minute stretch video
  • Tuesday – 25 minute walk (see for more info below), 10 minute stretch video
  • Wednesday – Planned Rest Day (Hair cut and color AND date night in the evening)
  • Thursday – Scheduled Yoga and Hoops but skipped due to family emergency
  • Friday – 10 minute stretch video, 55 second plank
  • Saturday – 1 mile trail walk, 10 minute stretch video, 2-3 hours of cleaning house
  • Sunday – 10 minute arm video, cleaned out car (windows and vacuuming), 10 minute stretch video, 50 second plank

I planned for Tuesday’s walk to be longer, but I was super tired after 25 minutes. I figured part of it was the heat but couldn’t believe I only did 25 minutes. When I loaded the activity into my Jawbone (I forgot my Garmin), I discovered I was walking at a little less than a 16 minute mile. For me right now, that is FAST. I need to remember to wear my Garmin so I know my pace.

I would LOVE to figure out how to workout in the morning so that evening plans don’t get in the way. The problem is that I get nauseous, and often throw up, when I try to workout early. Please share any tips you might have. I am such a morning person that getting up early is NOT the problem. But when I ask my body to workout at that hour, it rebels. I am open to any and all suggestions.

My personal goals for last week and this week are:

  • Drink 48oz of water
  • Do a 10 minute FitnessGlo stretch video

I really enjoy the stretch video and with FitnessGlo will be easy to do on the road. Making sure I stay hydrated during my travels and while at conference is important to me. I know I did not drink enough H2O last year.

My tentative schedule for this week:

  • Monday – ???
  • Tuesday – Walking
  • Wednesday – ???
  • Thursday – ???
  • Friday – Walking (conference day)
  • Saturday – Walking (conference day)
  • Sunday – Travel day + birthday party at a bounce house

Yes I know that is a lot of question marks. Along with my workouts, I have the following on my schedule before I leave:

  • 3 full days of work with lots to do
  • Mother/Daughter lunch
  • Start and finish this week’s health coach module (2-4 hours time)
  • 2 health coach calls (2 hours)
  • Date night with hubby
  • Finish packing

I don’t want to get behind in my health coach work because we have no more breaks from now until our final exam (end of August).

Are you a morning exerciser? Any tips for me? What did you do this weekend? Have you planned your workouts for the week? What two health goals would you list?

Enjoy your day!


14 Responses to “My Not So Great Bootcamp Update”

  1. do you have any friends you can meet in the morning? then you HAVE to show up!!! make sure you’re going to bed super early…. maybe set your alarm with a motivational message? move your alarm across the room so you have to get up?

    • Glenneth

      getting up is not the problem – i am a morning person. but when i workout (whether elliptical, weights, whatever) i get physically ill. my body can be up that early but asking it to do something makes me ill. i guess i don’t know how long to be up before working out or if i should eat something (or not).

      • i gotchya. if you’re getting sick then yes i’d def try to eat something bland before going. a bagel, toast, plain oatmeal, a banana… .something along those lines?

  2. I’m a long time morning person the earlier the better. I could share my favorite how-to tips but I don’t know that they would help with actually throwing up. My tips are more along the lines of motivation and I-don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed. Maybe try giving yourself a little time after you wake up before trying to workout? You probably already tried that ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Glenneth

      getting out of bed is not a problem – i NEVER hit the snooze button. i have tried waiting 30 minutes til working out and that didn’t help. there is only so long I can wait before i actually have to get ready for work. it is very weird and frustrating because i know working out in the morning would be so much better for me. i have the time before i go to work.

  3. I would try different things and see what works – toast or crackers or a toaster waffle with a bit of peanut butter, yogurt, banana, ideally 1/2 hour before you start to exercise.

  4. I am not good at working out in the morning either but not for the same reason. I just can’t get my body moving too early. lol But for your issue I am thinking it might be a fueling problem?

  5. I am a total morning exerciser. I love to get it done so it’s not hanging over me the rest of the day. I agree with maybe getting up a little earlier than normal so you have time to fuel and digest something. Maybe that would help?

  6. I would definitely try eating something before working out in the morning – when I was doing a 5am TRX class I would get up at 4 and have one egg and about 3-4 strawberries prior. It helped keep my stomach full, then I could eat a bit of a larger breakfast after my workout. MAYBE that would work for you??

  7. I know you dealt with this before when we trained together. My suggestion is a lot like the others on trying to eat something small and giving it about 30 minutes to digest. I would say something with simpler, easy to digest carbohydrates (like a piece of fruit or a small bar). Also, you could schedule your harder workouts for days you can do them in the afternoon and easier ones for the morning. Be prepared for morning workouts to adjust moves (aiming to keep head above heart in all exercises, decrease intensity as needed, etc). You know where to find me if you need anything!

    • Glenneth

      Thanks Tina! Starting next week, becoming a morning exerciser is my project! Going to experiment with timing, fuel, and workouts.

  8. MHA (Missy)

    I was thinking do light exercise in the AM. And can you eat a little something as soon as you get up? If you ate the minute your feet hit the floor, then did something (not exercise) for 30 minutes, then had a light workout, possibly that combo could work? And maybe you could start out REALLY light intensity, such that it’s almost not exercise, and increase the next day progressively until you find the threshold of TOO MUCH. Just some thoughts… Talk to you soon!

    • Glenneth

      That almost exactly what I am thinking. I am going to get up an additional 30 minutes early and immediately eat something. Then spend about 30 minutes doing my computer work. THEN try to workout for 30 minutes before getting ready for work. Will start with super light intensity/weights and hopefully increase.

  9. I am most definitely a morning exerciser! It helps so much to kick off my day. On days I don’t exercise I usually end up feeling sluggish, and usually end up eating poorly too. I have to make myself get up every morning by 7, even on days off when I could sleep in and still exercise, otherwise I stay up too late that night and then can’t get up the next day… gotta steer clear of that vicious cycle.

    This weekend was full of painting and reupholstering furniture for the new apartment. Fun! I still need to get my schedule written out for this week, so thanks for reminding me ๐Ÿ™‚ My first goal would be to remember to strength train, my other would be to continue to work at taking the fats out of my diet (working on a plant-based, low-fat eating plan right now.)