My New Ride!

My new ride!
My new ride!

Check out my new ride made by Trek! Or at least it will be my new ride sometime next week. Ordered it today. These are the highlights of my bike:

Ride Longer features
Saddles that flex in all the right ways, vibration-smoothing IsoZone technology, super-comfortable bars and grips—all so you can ride as long as you want.

Sexy lines
And they’re not just for show. Our hydroformed Alpha Aluminum tubing makes FX light, sleek, and fast.

Get fit, ride to work, pull the kids, haul groceries, cruise the neighborhood—all on FX.

Love at first ride
Millions of FX fans can’t be wrong. The world loves this bike, and so will you.

So excited! I have enjoyed riding my friend L’s bike, but I am excited to have one of my own.

So, as you know, I like to accessorize things. What items will I need for my bike? And yes, I have (and wear) a helmet.

2 Responses to “My New Ride!”

  1. OOoh!!! What a beauty 😀 You will definitely need water bottle cages (and water bottles), and depending on how far from home you plan on venturing, you’ll probably want spare tubes, a tire change kit (including a little bag to hold your kit and spare tube – usually attaches under the back of your saddle) and a frame pump. For clothing, if you don’t already have them, get yourself a pair of padded bike shorts. And when your rides get longer, you might want to get a bike jersey with pockets on the back so that you can easily carry your phone and maybe a snack. Have fun!!!


    • Thanks Andrea! I am definitely getting a water bottle cage and bottle. Waiting to get the bike itself because they did not have one in that color, so I am not completely sure what mine will look like.

      I am shopping for the padded bike shorts this weekend! They are high on my list of needs.

      Since we won’t be venturing far from home (and we have to drive to where we ride), probably don’t need the other stuff just yet. Hubby has a bike pump on his bike, so I could always use that.