My FlipBelt Review #SweatPink

Disclosure: I had the opportunity to review the FlipBelt through Fit Approach. While I received the FlipBelt for free, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Here is my FlipBelt! I am sure that you are shocked that I chose PINK! Don’t worry if pink is not your color.  They have ten colors to choose from!

My Flipbelt Review

First off, if you have a phone as big as mine (Samsung Galaxy Note 3), do be aware that it will not fit in the FlipBelt (with or without my case). Certainly not a deal breaker for me as most items like this will not hold the HUGE phones.  The FlipBelt does stretch, but the openings are not big enough for my phone – mainly so that your items do not fall out.  Just something to take note of.

My Flipbelt Review

I have an iPhone 5 (my previous phone) that I often use on walks, for an alarm clock, etc. It fits easily into the FlipBelt with or without a case.  You can go ahead and connect your headphones and just run them out of one of the openings.  You don’t have to carry your iPhone in your hand for races anymore.

My Flipbelt Review

The FlipBelt here is holding all the items I would typically carry while walking a 5K:

My Flipbelt Review

The items are: iPhone 5, ID, cash, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, and my keyfob.  I could have easily added a few more items.  When you flip the openings to be against your body, nothing is coming out – everything is very safe and secure.

My Flipbelt Review

Many people wear their FlipBelts over their clothes, I actually wear mine under.  In the top picture, I am wearing it under my shirt. In the bottom picture, I am showing you the FlipBelt.  I honestly forgot I had it on.  I wore it while working out and to the grocery store.

2014-08-24 15.10.23
2014-08-24 15.10.53

Overall, I love the FlipBelt and expect to use it at all my races in the Fall.  If you are a runner, this would be perfect to carry your items, including extra fuel.  I do wish my phone would fit but that’s my fault for having the largest phone on the market.

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Have you tried the FlipBelt? What are your thoughts? What do you have to carry for a race?

Have a healthy day!


8 Responses to “My FlipBelt Review #SweatPink”

  1. I was just able to get a FlipBelt with a gift card for a store that carries them and bought pink as well! Taking it on my run for the first time this morning- interested to see how it compares to my SPIbelt! Based on your review, it looks like I will like it 🙂

    • Glenneth

      Hi Jennifer, I got an XL. I think I probably could wear a L, but I don’t like tight clothes or anything.