My 13 in 2013 Quarter Update

Spring is almost here!

Good morning! Happy Monday! Welcome to April! Can you believe a quarter of the year is behind us already? Time to update my 13 goals for 2013.

My 13 for 2013 Goals

1. Become a Health Coach by graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

IIN Logo

UPDATE: This week I will be completing Module 20 and then taking my second exam. Upon passing the exam, I will be certified to start seeing clients. My official graduation will come in September. Definitely still on track with this one.

2. 13 5Ks in 2013.

UPDATE: I have walked 3 5Ks so far:

Color Me Rad Before & After

This Saturday is the COLOR ME RAD and my 4th 5K of the year. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this race. We had so much fun last year.

After this I will be down for the count due to surgery. Surgery is April 19th and I expect to be cleared to walk 5Ks again in August. That means I will need to do 9 5Ks from August – December. That is doable, but really unknown. I assume this surgery will go as smoothly as the last one.

3. Save $$$ each paycheck.

UPDATE: Six paychecks and still on track. I have six categories of savings that include special events, retirement, emergency, and Christmas.

4. Get a raise/make more money.

UPDATE: I got a raise! WOOHOO!!! It wasn’t a huge raise and taxes seemed to take most of it, but in this economy I am thankful for everything.

5. 2:30 minute plank. I want to be able to hold a plank on the elbow for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

UPDATE: This is kind of 50/50. See my March Goal Pyramid update below.

6. Blog 5x per week.

UPDATE: On track with this.

7. Do something different with family or friends once a month. We talked about this during our group’s Christmas party and with our family on New Year’s Eve. We want to make even more time to see each other (outside of when we regularly see each other). I think at least once a month with either group will be a great start. This could be a game night, dinner out, a movie, anything.

UPDATE: My mom and I had a mother/daughter day. My friend A came over for Saturday afternoon visits twice during the month. Dinner with some of my 31 members. Lunch with my friend M. Concert with hubby and our friend J.

8. Special Project. I am not ready to share what this is, but I started it last month. I thought it would be a quick thing but it turning out to be larger than expected. I think a year is certainly a great time limit.

UPDATE: This is completely on hold for now.

9. Toned arms for the summer. Since I have to be careful with how much walking I do for the next little while, I want to concentrate on my arms. I want to go sleeveless this summer and look BUFF.

UPDATE: This is kind of 50/50. See my March Goal Pyramid update below. Yoga and TRX have really helped with this and I am sad this is the last week for each of them.

10. Eat and drink mindfully or intuitively. I will talk more about this later and even have a special guest post coming up. I am not planning to count calories or points. I am not planning to log everything I eat in 2013. I am planning to make better decisions and be mindful about what I eat. I am also not giving up any food – it is all about “adding in” and moderation.

UPDATE: I have done a couple of blog posts on this. You can check them out here and here. I am not ready to dive head first into this, but am doing some reading and researching.

11. Do something out of my comfort zone. Leaving this one open to see what the year brings. Quite possibly it will be sky-diving with my husband’s niece and nephew.

UPDATE: I didn’t really do anything specially out of my comfort zone this month.

12. Utilize my bike more. Like I said in another post, I am not setting any mileage goals for 2013. However, we neglected our bikes this year and I want to change that. I love my bike and we have some great places to ride around Knoxville.

UPDATE: Bike is still in fitness room and I haven’t been to spinning. Again, with surgery impending, not sure what will happen with this one.

13. Be Happy. Live. Love. Laugh. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

UPDATE: March was a fun month. Great workouts. Fun family dinners and dinners with hubby. Tried to see our friends as much as possible. And a fabulous 3 day weekend at the end.

I also planned to set one specific goal each month. My March goal was to follow my 90 day goal pyramid. Let’s check in on those.

March specific goals were:

  • Lose 3.5 pounds – NOPE, DIDN’T HAPPEN
  • Walk 2Ks – COMPLETE
  • 16 workouts – went back through DailyMile and counted 20 workouts – COMPLETE
  • Consistent 30 second plank – Sometimes 30 seconds is hard, sometimes super easy – SORT OF

My April goals related to my 90 Day Goal Pyramid are:

  • Lose 8.8 pounds to meet my DietBet challenge
  • Walk one 5K
  • Consistent 45 second plank
  • Two arm workouts per week

As I mentioned before, I will review the goals each month and in July re-evaluate to see if I need to alter my goals at all. I also created a Pinterest board as a visual representation of my goals.

How are your 2013 goals coming? Anything big planned for April?

Enjoy your day!


5 Responses to “My 13 in 2013 Quarter Update”

  1. IM SOOOO HAPPY I can say Im totally rocking my goal this year too.
    looking forward—not always rereading the last chapter 🙂

  2. Great goals, I need to work on mindful eating big time. My April kicks of race season so I have plenty goals for this, I am also focusing on my nutrition as well.

  3. Sounds like you are doing great!

    Starting Best Body Bootcamp today for 8 weeks and I’m doing a Polar Ambassador challenge. Thinking I’ll do a 100 miles challenge too.

    Today is my birthday but after breakfast I’m off to workout then off to shop! LOL