Motivation Monday Returns

Hello and Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and long holiday weekend. I guess many of you are like me – heading back to work for a full week. I still have this nagging cough, but I am going to try to resume my normal life – which includes workouts.

Since I have not been feeling well and I took a few days off, I definitely need some motivation to get the week started, so I thought I would bring back Motivation Monday. I found these graphics on Facebook over the long weekend and wanted to share with you.

If you completely abandoned your healthy lifestyle for a day or two or more, here are ten ways to get back on track. Just remember to NOT skip meals. And I love the “drink water like its your job.” I won’t have a problem with that one.

Get Back on Track

Forget dieting. Eat healthy. Move more. Sleep better. Stress less.

Healthy Lifestyle

Loved this . . .

Be Strong

People who START a diet, usually STOP at one point. Then what happens? 95% of the time people gain that weight back within 5 years. A healthy lifestyle is forever. There may be bumps, roadblocks, and detours along the way – but never an end date.

No Dieting

How do you get motivated or back on track after an illness and/or holiday?

Have a healthy day!


5 Responses to “Motivation Monday Returns”

  1. By reading blogs! That puts me on the right track! Also I write my goals on a piece of paper that I pin to my fridge! Good daily kick in the butt!

  2. Good list!

    If I eat a bit too much (or not the healthiest foods), I always make sure to start the next day with 32 ounces of warm lemon water and a big green smoothie. I do that most days anyway, but when I need to get back on track it’s especially important!

  3. My fitness journal and my FitBit really help me get back on track. Plus, making sure I stick to my routines.

    Thanks for sharing your post at Motivation Monday. Personally, I needed the inspirational quotes. Have a great week!