Motivation Monday – It Has Been A While

HAPPY MONDAY! Another week is here! And every day gets me one step closer to my beach vacation. WOOHOO!!! In case you have missed my past couple of posts:

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Yesterday afternoon we went bike riding. It has actually been quite a while since I have been on my bike (mainly due to the surgeries). I got back on and it definitely felt weird. I forgot how many different muscles biking uses as compared to walking. I managed to do:

Bike Ride Results

In the evening I tried to make some more kale chips. I have made them before – they are a great healthy snack.

Kale Chips

The first batch I made was underseasoned. The second batch was seasoned correctly, but burnt. Sadly, both batches got thrown away. Kale chips are very finicky, but when you get them right – they are delicious and a great alternative to chips.

It has been quite a while since I have done a Motivation Monday post and I bet everyone could use a little motivation about now. What do you think?

Motivation Monday

Today is YOUR day. Many people choose to start things on Mondays – either workout programs, a healthy lifestyle, a big project at work, etc. Whatever you have been putting off – Today is YOUR day. Start now.

Today is Your Day!

Don’t think about how you “can’t” do something. Think about how you WILL make it work. The only thing holding you back is YOU.

Focus on How You Will

Don’t just measure progress by the number on the scale. Are your clothes fitting better? Do you FEEL better? Do you have more energy? There are more important things than a number.


It is never too late…Wherever you are, just start now. Make ONE healthy decision today. Switch a soda for water. Choose a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar. Take a 10 minute walk during your lunch. Get 7 hours of sleep instead of 6.

Never Too Late

In your 40s and think it is too late to get started? WRONG! It is never too late. Come join me for Tamara’s 10-Week 40+ Female Online Group Training.

Strong is the new 40!

What motivates you? How was your weekend? What’s your favorite healthy snack? What healthy decision will you make today?

Enjoy your day!


3 Responses to “Motivation Monday – It Has Been A While”

  1. ahhh my nonexercising parents arrive today for a week…my HEALTHY DECISION will be lovingly reminding them this is important to me and I NEEED 30 minutes ;0)

  2. MHA (Missy)

    New favorite healthy snack: Greek yogurt (vanilla or honey flavor) sprinkled w cinnamon, and mixed with old fashioned oats. You could use grape nuts or any number of other cereals or nuts for a little crunch.
    We had a great weekend- both kids rode their bikes in laps while we ran along behind.
    For me, today is a rest & catch up day. My healthy decision is one for mental health: work on organizing my closet!
    Have a great week!