Morning Roots Gone Bad.

Good morning! Well, yesterday did not go as planned. I woke up yesterday and realized I wanted to get rid of my grey roots. I had a new box of Root Rescue (which I have used before), so I covered my roots. As I was drying my hair I realized that there was a problem. The front of my hair and my roots were super dark brown while the back of my hair was much lighter. Ooops. So, after a call to my hair salon, I wound up in a colorist’s chair at 3:30 to have it fixed. Now I have super dark hair, super super dark, almost black hair. I think it will actually take a few days for me to get used to this. First time in 4 years of coloring my hair myself that I have had a problem. Thankfully Aveda was there to rescue me. I will try to get a picture of my new hair today!

Yesterday was a much-needed rest day. Apparently I looked as tired as I felt. Today’s activity will be walking. Looks like a nice evening and I think a couple of my girlfriends are coming with me. We can TALK and WALK. See this is where we walk:

Looking for a better butt? Found this on Pinterest and thought I would share. Speaking of Pinterest, if you have an iPad, they now have an iPad specific app in the App Store. Its free! Go download it today!

And check out this morning workout to start your day. I think I am going to try this tomorrow. Looks like it should take no more than 10 minutes. Get your blood pumping before you start your day!

Now for a little fun – check out this amazing basement “water lounge.” How cool would this be?

Do you workout in the morning? What types of morning workouts do you do?

Enjoy your day!

7 Responses to “Morning Roots Gone Bad.”

  1. I’m definitely a morning workout person. I run, cycle, strength train, yoga, jump around to music. If I don’t do it in the a.m. it’s hard to fit it in anywhere else!

  2. I like to workout in the morning, but since I already wake up at 4:45 JUST to get to work on time, I tend to workout after work. But weekends and holidays I do morning workouts.
    BTW, how did you get a photo of my basement?!?! 😉

  3. Once I strayed from my regular stylist and went to a well-respected salon in town. A friend was with me, and I knew something was wrong when I saw her eyes get big as the stylist took the towel off my hair after coloring it. My hair was the color of Tony the Tiger!!! I had sit through the stylist coloring it again!