More Random Qs & Plank Variations

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! Today is my last day of work for the week. WOOHOO!!!

I saw this yesterday on Stephanie’s blog and thought I would play along!

1. Would you rather visit the doctor or the dentist?

Definitely the doctor. I am not a fan of the dentist at all. I like my dentist and the hygienist, just not the process.

2. Would you rather eat broccoli or carrots?

Definitely raw carrots. Not a broccoli fan. Not even when smothered in cheese.

3. Would you rather listen to music or watch TV?

Watch TV.

4. Would you rather own a lizard or a snake?

Definitely a lizard.

5. Would you rather have a beach holiday or a mountain holiday?

Beach holiday (and I leave TOMORROW!).

Folly Beach

6. Would you rather BE an apple or a banana?

A banana. I guess.

7. Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?

Hmmmm . . . Interesting question. I think read minds.

8. Would you rather be hairy all over or completely bald?

Hairy all over. They make razors!

9. Would you rather be the most popular or the smartest person you know?


10. Would you rather make headlines for saving somebody’s life or winning a Nobel Prize?

Saving someone’s life.

#1ThingDaily September Challenge

Today’s exercise is PLANKS and I wanted to share some variations with you.

Straight arm planks . . .

Elbow planks . . .

Side planks . . .

Answer some of the questions in the comments below. What’s your favorite variation of the plank?

Have a healthy day!


3 Responses to “More Random Qs & Plank Variations”

  1. haha, I love “would you rather’s.” :] I am most definitely with you on the dentist part. I hate the sound of dentist tools, and if not for the fact that our dentist is a family friend, I’d pretty much find every reason in the world to avoid going. 😡

  2. I love/hate planks. They are so hard! I also like doing side planks with leg lifts though that is still really hard for me so I have to keep one leg bent 🙂