Monday Motivation

Monday, Monday. Here we go again. Last week of January. February is right around the corner. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and are ready to start the week!

I took my first Body Pump class last night. It was definitely a little overwhelming as there were 30-40 participants. I introduced myself to the instructor, but received very little help from her except to use the lowest weights the first time. I wound up getting my equipment just based on what everyone else was doing. I probably could have used more weight during different parts of the class, but at least now I know. It is definitely a full body workout, except we ran out of time and didn’t get abs and the cool down. I will probably try the class again with a different instructor to see what I think. Many of the ladies wore weight lifting gloves. I guess if I am going to continue with the class I will need those as well.

The gym needs to do a better job with class scheduling. The classes start at 3, 4, and 5 on Sundays but all seem to take a full hour. That leaves chaos and frustration with class change over. I think allowing a good 15 minutes between classes might be a better system.

Monday Motivation

Don’t be afraid to lift weights! There are so many fabulous benefits of strength training – don’t pass it up! Two to three times per week would be a great start.

Weight Lifting for Women

You know how I feel about walking – here are some of its amazing benefits. Walking can be done pretty much anywhere at any time.

Walk For Your Health

While I *think* I know what weight I want to be, I really want to find my “happy weight.” I am not focused on the numbers but rather how I feel.

No Ultimate Goal Weight

Grab your calendar and schedule your workouts. You have to make YOUR health a priority. Just belonging to a gym is not enough – you have to actually show up and work it!

Make Time

I loved this one . . . Fit and healthy – that’s what I am working toward.

Fit & Healthy

What motivates you to keep going? How many times a week do you lift weights? Favorite group exercise class?

Have a healthy day!


3 Responses to “Monday Motivation”

  1. Sweat Pink sista stopping by via today’s fb “link love”….

    Great blog. I like to walk too, gonna walk today while my kids are at tennis.

    My favorite group class is Total Body Conditioning – the hour goes by really fast as we move from station to station.

    What motivates me? Feeling strong and energetic. I feel sluggish when I don’t work out for a couple of days.

  2. lately each time I lift our new puppy in the his crate–hes a big big puppy—IM GLAD I LIFT.