Monday Motivation Mantras.

HELLO! Seems like we just had a Monday and here we are again. Already September 10th. Anyone else think the time is flying by?

Yesterday I was feeling kind of puny (stomach ache, head ache, etc.), so I mainly rested. We did get out in the afternoon for hubby to run and I walked 2.16 miles. I have found that taking my walks super slow (especially to start) help my calf muscles not to tighten and hurt. I am looking forward to the MRI Tuesday and the follow-up with the doctor on Thursday. Getting an answer to the issue once and for all is my goal.

Today I am heading to Planet Fitness with some friends to work out. I actually haven’t been in a while since most of my workouts have been either walking outdoors or spinning at the other facility. My gym bag is packed and ready to go.

A great read: One Year Ago Today. This was written by Ashley who was in a terrible bike accident one year ago today. Lessons to take away from this: (1) Always wear some kind of Road ID, (2) always let someone know where you are running/biking/etc., and (3) your body is strong and amazing.

I know that journaling your food/workouts is a great way to be held accountable. However, it can get sooo boring. Check out Tamara’s article: Create a visual fitness and food journal: Instagram for motivation and accountability. I think I may give this a shot. You can follow me on Instagram at LetsTalkandWalk.

Let’s get motivated!

Even though you may not see progress right away or you may reach a plateau, DON’T STOP! Just keep going, your body will catch up. I repeat: DON’T STOP!

Are you saying it? I CAN DO THIS. I CAN DO THIS. Keep repeating. Write it down. Say it again and again.

So true. One bad meal isn’t going to ruin all your hard work, but one good meal isn’t enough. Strive for 80/20 or 90/10.

No one else will make the time for you to get healthy. You have to protect this time. Mark it down on your calendar and make the appointment with yourself. Don’t break it. YOU are important. Your HEALTH is important.

What are you doing today to bring you closer to your goal? Write down your goal. Now, write down 2-3 things you can do today to help bring your closer to that goal.

Are your workouts planned for the week? What is motivating you? Where is your favorite place to workout? What is your favorite motivational mantra

Enjoy your Monday!

7 Responses to “Monday Motivation Mantras.”

  1. Great stuff for a motivated Monday! The mantra I used during my strong run yesterday was “More than Enough”.

  2. nightrunner

    I have been working out for over 40 years (marathons, open water swims, Ironman triathlons, century rides, etc. etc.) and never needed/desired a mantra. That’s not what gets me out the door or to the start line. I really doubt if they “work” as I see so many women slide off of their so-called “goals”. You gotta love it or you won’t DO it.

  3. My favorite motivation mantra for this week is to simply – “show up” in all aspects of my life. By this I mean – make each day the best it can be by being fully present in every activity I do each day!