Monday Morning Musings & Motivation

Bunny on my walk

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Let’s see, I will give you the “brief” bulleted version of mine:

  • Fabulous Friday Five blog post
  • Worked from home Friday
  • Went to grocery store
  • Dinner with hubby and friends
  • Target
  • One Month In – The Blackberry Q10
  • Walked a mile at The Man Run
  • Chores, studying, cleaning, etc.
  • Dinner with hubby and our friend A
  • Sunday was rest, rest, laundry, and more rest
  • 30 minute walk – that little bunny above joined me for a few steps

This week is going to be crazy – last week of the month and plenty to do at work. FINAL module of health coaching released, as well as, the FINAL exam is released. This will mean getting the module done early in the week so I can study and take the exam over the weekend. My goal is to take the exam on Saturday so I can enjoy Sunday and Monday of the three-day weekend.

Also, I am starting to count down the days til my mother/daughter trip to Folly Beach. Less than two weeks now. WOOHOO!!! As soon as I finish my health coach exam I will start seriously packing and getting ready to leave. I have made my packing list and have a pretty good idea what clothes I am taking with me.

Remember my post on small changes? The small changes I am working on this week are:

  • Drinking more water. I haven’t given up diet sodas, but I drink significantly less now. I am concentrating on getting more water in.
  • Walking whenever possible. This week will be so busy, I am going to try to fit in small walks when possible.
  • Watching my portion size/ordering less. This saves money and calories at the same time.

I have always loved this and wanted to share it today:

Self Respect

What’s on your agenda for this week? Any big plans for the three-day weekend? What small changes are you working on?

Have a healthy day!


4 Responses to “Monday Morning Musings & Motivation”

  1. I love those small steps.
    Mine this week are Record, Record, and Record!
    I’m terrible at recording my food, thus, I think I’m cheating on the calories, and I need to right down ahead of time what I want to get accomplished at the gym. The third record is I really need to get focused on blogging 3+ times a week consistently. Maybe I should have said my goal is to be consistent? πŸ™‚

    • Glenneth

      I love your idea of record, record, record. I log what I eat (not how much or calories) on a daily basis and how I feel after eating it. I also keep track of all my activity – but need to PLAN it out better.