Monday, Monday + New VIP Program!

Monday, Monday! Here we go again! Hard to believe that Thursday will be October 1st. Anyways, let’s catch up!

Saturday hubby had a trail race at Big South Fork National Park. It is always so beautiful up there that I just have to go. Plus, they serve the most amazing BBQ lunch after the race (for racers and families).

There is a stables nearby so hubby and I walked over to see the horses before the awards ceremony and lunch. Check out this beauty! Sadly you can rent the stables for your own horse, but you can’t rent the horses to ride.


It started off a very foggy, gloomy, and rainy day; but we had beautiful blue skies when we left!

Blue Skies

I went to the grocery store Saturday afternoon (before the Vols game) and got these gorgeous flowers for our front porch. Sadly I have killed all the others. Hopefully I can make these last a while. And, on another sad note, the Vols lost. BY ONE POINT. Let’s not talk about it anymore.


Okay, so – September is winding down. The final quarter of the year is getting ready to start. The days are getting shorter and you might be losing some of your motivation – whether it is for your health, business, social activities etc.

Remember that happiness is a CHOICE! I love this saying that I found on Facebook. I also have a sign on my office wall that says “Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry.” Yes, life isn’t perfect. But you can choose to be HAPPY and to find joy in the small things. The small things can be sitting on your front porch enjoying the view, watching a bunny in your backyard, seeing a sunrise, and so much more.

Happy as a Unicorn

How precious is this! YOU have to be your own sparkle! No one else can.


And finally, wake up every morning telling your that YES, you can do this! I am learning through my Business Accelerator course I am doing to pick 3 things I don’t want to do and do them first thing in the morning. Set your day up right and productive.

I Can Do This

I am excited to announce that my updated VIP program launches TODAY! If you are ready to take charge of your health and are tired of “diets”, this is for you. Spots are limited, so act now. Plus, if you join before October, you get a second program for FREE.



3 Responses to “Monday, Monday + New VIP Program!”

  1. So often when people ask me how I’m doing I responded with: I am choosing happy! And then they laugh. And I think: I’m not joking!