Mid-Year 12 for 2012 Goal Update

Welcome to the 2nd Half of 2012! That’s right. Today is July 1st and 2012 is officially half over. This year is flying by. It is time to update my 12 goals for 2012. Remember some of these goals are personal, some professional. Some very specific, some general.

1 – Reduce spending by using up items we have before buying others.

*** Still doing pretty good on this one. Have spent a little more than planned the last two months, but I am on top of it. One way I have reduced my spending is to stay out of stores unless necessary. Target is a fun shop, but dangerous for my wallet. Also, my start saving. That new iPhone will be out later this year and it is MINE!

2 – Donate old/unwanted clothes/household items to KARM or Goodwill.

*** As of May 1 – 3 bags of clothes and 2 bags of kitchen appliances/etc. had been donated. I actually have two more bags of clothes from hubby and I that can be donated. A little bit at a time. I also need to go through our storage room. I have some clothes boxed up that I haven’t looked at in over 2 years. Guessing all of those can be donated.

3 – Complete a race longer than a 5K.

*** This one is complete!

4 – Save 10-15% of each paycheck. Now that I am back working full-time in a fairly stable job, time to start the savings again.

*** WOOHOO!!! Definitely on track with this one – saving 15% of each paycheck first. I also put some of the money I made from selling my car into my retirement fund. I put the rest back for emergencies, Christmas, etc.

5 – Try CrossFit and Spinning (at least once each).

*** Still pending. Soon I am going to try one of the free Crossfit classes and a Spinning class (have a Groupon for a facility that offers spinning). These are both on my fitness bucket list. Want to know more about my fitness bucket list? Just click on the link to be taken to my Pinterest board.

6 – Become Google AdWords certified. Professional goal to help with my job.

*** This one is back on. I am spending an hour each day at work studying along with working with our AdWords expert. Aiming for July or August for this to be complete. With a holiday and a vacation in July, it may very well spill into August. Completing it this year should be a sure thing.

7 – Learn to cook one meal per season. As you know, I am not a cook. I would like to learn to cook one complete meal (edible and healthy) each season.

*** To date this has been a failure. I have learned to cook a few egg dishes, but hubby doesn’t eat eggs. I really intended to learn to cook something he would eat. Any easy recipe suggestions (that don’t involve eggs)?

8 – Walk/Bike/Elliptical at least 500 miles. Last year I completed 450+, so I am adding 10% to that number.

*** January – June 2011 I did 83 miles. January to June 2012 I have done 122 miles. So, still on track. I need to get a move on in July though. Last July I did over 100 miles (walking and biking). Also, I stopped logging daily during the month of June, so I know I missed a few miles. I need to continue to log daily from here on out. I also need to log all of my exercises – walking, biking, elliptical, arc trainer, weights, planks, etc.

9 – Utilize craft room (make handmade cards, gifts, etc).

*** I am utilizing the craft room, for my new 31 business. Not exactly the intention, but at least the room is being utilized.

10 – Blog at least 5 times per week.

*** On track.

11 – At least 1 – 5 day vacation and 2 weekend getaways.

*** My mom and I are taking a mother/daughter trip at the end of this month. I am going to the 31 National Conference in August. Hubby and I have a weekend getaway (to a race) in October.

12 – Continue all goals to become healthy and get to feel great weight. These include logging what I eat on a regular basis, following my online personal trainer’s plans, and more.

*** I am recommitting to this during July. I have joined a gym – the heat cannot be an excuse. I have signed up for Tara’s Planks, Pushups, and Squats July Challenge. I am registered for Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp that starts when I get back from the beach. I am recommitting to logging all of my workouts, food, etc. I am also going to stress less about my weight because the stress doesn’t help, in fact, it hurts my efforts.

How are your 2012 goals coming?

Happy 2nd Half of 2012! Make it even more awesome than the first!

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