MapMyFitness App + Scosche Heart Rate Monitor

On Monday, I posted my Dogwood Classic 5K Recap and Lessons Learned. Today I wanted to show you how I track my walks and all of my other activities.

For my birthday, hubby bought me this pink Scosche Heart Rate Monitor. He has had one for a while and always raved about it. I have never thought my Apple Watch did a great job doing heart rate and I hate wearing the chest straps so I thought this was a fantastic solution.


While they have a specific app for the Scosche, it actually integrates with many more (and better) apps on the market. I chose to use MapMyFitness because of how well it integrates with MyFitnessPal (they are both made by Under Armor). While the app is free, I did pay for the premium upgrade so that I can see all of my stats (especially heart rate).


This is the main screen you see after a walk. It shows you your path, distance, duration, calories, and steps. Now, there is something I have to tell you. At some point during my third mile, this lost me somehow. You will see on the final screen shot a resting time of 7 minutes. Not true. I did not stop at all during the 5K. I am not completely sure what caused this because it seemed to get the rest of the stats correct (distance, path, etc.). I think it was more to do with my phone than the app.


It will graph your elevation. This is a pretty flat race for Knoxville.


Then it shows your speed. My official chip time shows an average pace of 15:42, so even with the missing 7 minutes, this is pretty accurate.


My heart rate from start to finish. I believe it. I did push myself, especially toward the end when I thought I was going to PR (when in actuality the time was missing those 7 minutes).


Then you see the different zones you were in during your activity. I tend to spend the majority of my time in Zone 3, so I was excited to see Zones 4 and 5 as well.


I really love MapMyFitness because I can see all my workouts in one place. I can see how long I worked out and how many calories burned.

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13 Responses to “MapMyFitness App + Scosche Heart Rate Monitor”

  1. Huh.
    I have always been a rate of perceived exertion woman, but now you have me wondering if I might love something like this as I train to walk the marathon!
    I live and I work out intuitively for this adventure it might help to be a little less so πŸ™‚

    • i will say that i don’t look at my heart rate much (if at all) while i am working out. i go on perceived exertion. but it is fun to look at after my workout to see what the monitor thought (and how many calories i burned). it is probably the best heart rate monitor i have ever used and i tend to forget i am wearing it. plus it is pink!

  2. Wow, that is the cutest wrist monitor! I don’t do a lot of HR training, but when I was sidelined from running for my marathon training, I did use my HR monitor when riding the bike trainer. I wanted to make sure I was getting a good workout. I like how this one integrates with so many apps! Great review.

  3. Did you try a HRM with a chest strap before? They don’t seem to like reading me so maybe this would be a better option for me.

  4. Yes, I find that watch ones are inaccurate and also drain the battery. I love the looks of that cute heart rate monitor!

  5. I go through phases with HR monitors. It all depends on the training, purpose and type of exercise.

  6. I’ve always been interested in heart rate training, but never used a monitor before because they seem so clunky. This looks like a great options!

  7. That looks like a great heart rate monitor! and ,btw — love map my fitness, and they are based here in austin πŸ™‚

  8. I go through phases with monitoring. Right now I just make sure I get at least 10K steps in per day. These analytics are really cool though… I may have to get back on the geek train! πŸ™‚