Loving Lately August 2016: Workouts & Accessories

Disclosure: I was provided some of the items in this post for free but all thoughts and opinions are mine. Click HERE for my full disclosure policy.

Loving Lately August 2016- Workouts & Accessories

I see many people doing “Loving Lately” posts at the end of the month. I thought I would do one this month and center it around my workouts and accessories I am loving.

Morning Workouts


I NEVER thought I would say I like working out in the morning, but I do now. I think being able to make it fit with my work schedule was key. Knowing I don’t have to rush and be at work at 8AM (as long as I make it in by 9 I am good) really helps. I love that I get it done before anything else happens and gets in the way. I also feel I have more time in the day. I have struggled a bit due to my sleep issues, but have only blown my morning workouts off twice since I started them – so that is a HUGE win. The question will be come winter when it is FREEZING at 5AM how well this works out. Luckily I could easily switch back to afternoons. Maybe.

HIIT Protein Shaker Bottle


The people over at HIIT Bottle sent me this beautiful protein shaker to try. It is must nicer than those plastic shakers everyone has and the best part it is has a locking mechanism to keep from spilling (for those of us who tend to spill a lot). Fits perfectly in my cup holder in my car (not all of them do). I will be honest, I use it as a water bottle as well. Another HUGE plus in my book – no condensation on the outside. That is a big deal this time of year. I hate picking up a bottle and having water drop on my clothes or get all over my shirt if I am struggling to carry a bunch of stuff in. Really wish they had it in pink, the black is very masculine looking.


Leg Press, Slam balls & Weighted Rope

I love my trainer – he added more leg presses to my workouts. They are definitely one of my favorite exercises and I could do them every day (I don’t but I could).


Slam balls are not on my current workouts, but I do them anyways! Such fun and a great way to relieve stress.


And finally, the weighted rope. I am hoping my trainer adds these to my new workout plan. (HINT HINT!!!) Kind of like slam balls – a great workout – but just lots of fun.


Aurorae Bag & Towel

Check out this yoga bag and microfiber towel the people at Aurorae sent me. The is the Sling Yoga Backpack and it is fabulous. It has straps to hold a yoga mat, but I honestly haven’t used it for that. It holds enough workout clothes for the week plus so much else. I keep discovering pockets. It will also be great for hiking and off roading this Fall.


This microfiber towel is HUGE! 68″ x 32″! Perfect for putting over gym yoga mats (who knows what all is growing on them). Also, perfect for putting down on your car seat in the hot summer days! So many uses – beach towel, swim towel, cover up. And I love that teal color.


They fit perfectly in my gym locker!


Three Days a Week Workouts

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them I only workout three days a week right now. But you know, its what fits my life and my goals. My trainer is 100% okay with it and designed my programs around it. I am slowly bringing cardio back into the mix and plan to truly start training for a 5K on October 10th. Come Fall (and the cooler weather), I suspect I will be MWF mornings at the gym and TR evenings walking. I am also contemplating throwing a smaller weight lifting workout into the weekends. I have asked my coach and will see what he says.

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What are you loving lately when it comes to fitness and accessories? How many days per week do you workout?



19 Responses to “Loving Lately August 2016: Workouts & Accessories”

    I deserve it right?
    Since Im finally fully and wholly committed to my practice?
    and the towel ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the print on that bag…a bit almost tribal like! anything with color makes me happy! And that water/shaker bottle sounds perfect…no sweating, no spilling, and fits in the car holder…PERFECTION!

  3. I really need to up my gym accessory game. The towel is a great idea – especially for super sweaty people like me lol!

  4. I definitely need to look for that shaker bottle! I have a hard time with water bottles leaking in my bag all of the time!

  5. I love slam balls! They are on my list of things to purchase for my gym. My clients hate when I take them to the battle ropes. Hahahaha!

  6. I love working out in the morning too! It’s so great to have your workout complete for the day! I always feel so amazing after ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I have never seen the battle ropes – that must be a great arm workout!

    • the battle ropes are a great arm workout. can also be a great leg workout if you hold a squat while doing them!

    • slam balls are throwing balls at that trampoline thing. they come back to you. can work your arms, abs, and legs at the same time. plus you get to throw things!

  8. I’ve been trying to get better at morning workouts! I went for a run with a friend this morning and it definitely helped meeting someone to keep me accountable!

  9. I wish I was a morning person, because I really do like the way I feel after a morning workout (when my friends drag me out to one!). I’ve been wanting to try the battle ropes, but I’ll admit that they intimidate me!