Longest MyFitnessPal Streak

Longest MyFitnessPal Streak

I remember when I first hit 365 days of logging into MyFitnessPal. The feeling of accomplishment was HUGE. I had successfully logged every morsel of food I’d eaten in my phone app for a whole year. The app even congratulated me with a fun balloon celebration on my screen and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS.

I would log every meal I had planned, every sip I took, and every step I worked out. If it happened it went in. If I was off on my macro goals by even 5 grams I’d readjust my exercise or my food. I was after perfection for a whole year.

Flash forward to today. I know sit here writing this over 4 years from that celebrated MyFitnessPal streak. And I celebrate my LONGEST streak to date. Today I mark 3 whole years without logging any food, counting any calories, none of it.

I frequently receive requests to be ‘friends’ with someone on MyFitnessPal. Perhaps they think I still count, perhaps they knew me when I did track all my activity and food…whatever the case I actually take time to email them personally when they request they be MyFitnessPal friend. If you aren’t familiar with the app you can basically share your food and exercise journal with others for accountability. However, I find most people use it for comparison or for nutritional guidance, not just accountability.

Now I’ve had my fair share of battles with food…restricting, binging, and then overexercising to go along with all of that….and I’ve like to think that all those struggles have taught me a few things.  For so many years tried to find the perfect diet, the perfect schedule of eating (2-3 hours, 3-4 hours, intermittent fasting), I tracked calories, I tracked macros, low carb, high carb, high fat, then I didn’t track calories…uhh it is exhausting thinking how much I did to try and find this so called perfect diet and eating plan.

You know what?!?!  None worked but then again in a way they all did work.  See, you just have to eat…that’s the perfect diet plan, no phone app needed.

Eat what you want, when you are hungry, and stop when you are full.  Sometimes you might eat a bit too much, sometimes a bit too little.  Sometimes more carbs, sometimes lots of fat, it all evens out.

Do I doubt that macro counting/calorie counting can get you results in a smaller pant size? No, it probably works for a certain amount of time.  But here is the thing….will you seriously be, tracking macros and counting your calories when you are 80?  Will you have to defend the way you are eating to your family?  Would you want your granddaughter to eat the way you do right now?

Food is not the enemy

I challenge you to you think about when you are 80, a grandma, how will you want and will be eating.  Would you ever say to your grandchild, ‘Sorry sweetie grandma can’t have that bowl of cereal with you this morning…she is low carb today.’  or ‘Sorry sweetie I know it is your special night out but grandma can’t have that piece of birthday cake that she baked for you because she already ate too many carbs.’

You know what I think the perfect diet is?  One that you can follow most of the time, one that you can follow and enjoy the food, one that you can follow without tracking daily, one that you can follow and not think too much about, one that…one that you make up on your own.

Whether you carb cycle, whether you count macros, whether you count calories, whether you do weight watchers, whether you fast….that is all up to you but the question I would ask is:

Would you want to eat this way when you are 80?

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