Leg Press PR + Motivation Monday

Good morning and Happy Monday! Today starts the first full week of 2014. While I thought things would be back to normal, looks like I will probably be working from home today due to snow/ice. There are over 100+ closing/delays in our area. Since I am able to work from home, probably safest just to stay here.

My workouts so far this year have been going great. Still waiting on my new gym to open. This happened Saturday:

Leg Press PR

A 350 pound leg press PR!!! I have slowly been increasing my max leg press weight, but a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t even start to budge the machine at 350. Saturday I worked my way up there. I start at 200 and increase 25-50 pounds each time doing 10-12 reps. When I got to 350 I managed to do 5 reps. WOOHOO!!! I was definitely sore from that and the rest of my workout for the remainder of the day and yesterday.

Since it is the first Monday of the new year, let’s do Motivation Monday. Instead of a weekly series, maybe I will do this on the first Monday of each month to keep us going. Here we go!

Not ready to do 350 pounds on the leg press? No worries. Wherever you are at is the place to start. And don’t think you have to be a runner or love yoga or do CrossFit. Find what you enjoy and love and do that. There are numerous different ways to get in activity and everyone is different. You can workout at home, at the gym, or even outdoors. Just start wherever you are. Even if it is just 10 minutes a day to start!

Wherever You Are

I love being a Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador and Bombshell. Great group of ladies. I love this quote they posted. It drives me nuts when I hear people say food is “good” or “bad.” Yes, some food is healthier than others. But food is food. When you think of it as good or bad, you then label yourself as good or bad for eating it. Eat to fuel your body when you are hungry. Been craving a cookie for weeks upon weeks? Know that it is okay to eat the cookie. Better to eat one cookie then binge on the box. Change your perspective.

Food Isn't Evil

Set small goals. And don’t set too many at once. My goal for the week – eat more fruits and veggies. And continue to get my water in. Small changes add up to lasting results.

Set Small Goals

I found these tips for staying motivated. Love these. Print them off and put them somewhere you can see them.

Tips for Staying Motivated

And never forget . . .


What’s your goal for the week? How do you stay motivated in super cold temps?

Have a healthy day!


9 Responses to “Leg Press PR + Motivation Monday”

  1. my goal for the week is just to DO WHAT I CAN WHEN I CAN.
    re-immerse myself in work and squeeeze in all the me time I can.

    • Glenneth

      Thanks! I am tempted now to try and max out the machine (400 pounds). Hmm…