Lace Up – National Walking Day!

National Walking Day

Did you know that today, April 1st, is National Walking Day per the American Heart Association (AHA)? The AHA is encouraging everyone to take 30 minutes out of their day and WALK! They have some great resources HERE if you sign up.

Here are a couple of the resources that they provide:

Four Week Walking Plan – AHA is calling this a walking plan for the intermediate walker.

Time To Get Moving – Why exercise is important, how much exercise is needed, how to get started.

My Favorite Walking Path

As you know, walking is my favorite activity. Some of my more popular walking posts are:

Start Walking Now
Things To Do While Walking
Walking Wednesday: Tips for the Heat
Where to Walk Wednesday

Some ideas to get your 30 minutes in today:

  • Grab your coworkers and go for a walk around the building. Three 10 minute walks equals the 30 minutes needed. I know here in Knoxville we are supposed to have beautiful spring weather. Get out and enjoy it!
  • If your office building has stairs (ours does not), consider walking up and down them a few times today. Instead of emailing your coworkers today, walk to their desks.
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood before or after dinner. Include your hubby and/or kids and/or pets!
  • Raining in your area? Find a treadmill or head to the nearest mall.
  • Knoxville has many miles of greenways where you can run, walk, bike, etc. Find a new to you path in your area and explore.

Sadly, it would appear I might not get to walk today. The April Fool’s joke seems to be on me – I AM SICK. Came down with a blinding migraine on Monday and it appears it was a precursor to bronchitis. I just keep going and willing myself to get better, but thinking a day of rest might actually be the best thing.

Do you plan to walk today? Where?



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3 Responses to “Lace Up – National Walking Day!”

  1. YAY IT IS MY DAY!!!!!
    and yep.
    errrrrrrry d*mn day is WALKING DAY HERE ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. haha wow! didn’t know this but instead of my normal run this morning, I decided to rest my legs a bit and walk instead. who knew I was celebrating a holiday? ๐Ÿ™‚