KTC’s Farragut 5K Race Recap

Farragut 5K Race Results

I haven’t written a race recap in MONTHS! In fact, my last 5K was May 24th and my time was 52:45. This race was completely different but I am excited to share with you.

On Wednesday, I wrote My Goals for the 5K. They were:

a) Finish. – CHECK! Finished the race.

b) Finish under an hour. CHECK! Time was 59:18. It was close to an hour and my slowest time of the year, but I did it.

c) Finish without injuring myself more. – Who knows? Probably wasn’t the smartest idea to walk, but my foot was feeling pretty good that morning. I won’t lie, it hurt badly after the race and I came home and went to bed with an icepack. I am now writing the update with my foot back in the boot (where it will remain all weekend).

Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons from the race and about the race itself.


  • This was my first time doing this race and I really loved the course. I can see me really enjoying this one when I am back in my usual walking shape.
  • I got a MEDAL after!!! See the photo above? A medal. It is very rare for 5Ks to give out medals, so I was super excited.
  • We had our own police escort since we were last. He was super nice and on a motorcycle. I told him I would be a lot faster if he would give me a ride.
  • Had three other people walking with me who were perfectly happy to walk at my pace – always more fun walking with friends!
  • A really cool ice pack/hot pack was part of the swag from one of the sponsors. I see myself using it a lot.


  • I preregistered for this race on June 29th. FOUR months before the race. They DID NOT have a shirt for me at packet pickup. No, I have to wait and GO BACK somewhere and get it. They were not very forthcoming with why this happened, but I consider it unacceptable. Its one thing not to have shirts for people who pregister at the last minute, its completely different when you preregistered FOUR months ahead.
  • The post race food situation. (One thing to note is this was a half marathon and a 5K.) During opening announcements, they let us know that post race food would be in the cafeteria. When we finished, we were told go to the cafeteria and get some food. Please remember we were the LAST finishers of the 5K. Half marathoners started finishing shortly after we arrived. We got to the cafeteria where 3 local restaurants were serving food. In full disclosure, they gave 3 out of the 4 of us teeny, tiny pieces of pizza. Why didn’t they serve the 4th? Someone came over and said, oh no, we are only serving the white bids (half marathoners). While not mentioned anywhere in the forms, emails, etc.; the restaurants were telling us they were only serving the half marathoners. Just frustrating as it wasn’t mentioned anywhere and 5K people had to pay for the race as well. If you want to serve just the half-marathoners, put in it a place clearly marked and separate from everything else.



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