Just Checking IIN . . .

Just wanted to check in and say hello! Guess what I am doing today and tomorrow? The title of the post and the two pictures below might give you a hint!

IIN Logo
IIN Pyramid

Working on my health coaching! IIN is having a conference in New York City today and tomorrow. Hundreds of students went to experience it live. I am experiencing it from the comfort of my house via live streaming. Thank heavens for technology. When the conference is not happening, I have been cleaning my house, working on paperwork, etc. Since we are having a rainy, gloomy weekend (AGAIN), I don’t mind being inside all day.

Check out who came to visit today:


Mr. Bunny. We actually had two bunnies playing in the backyard today, but they were never close enough for me to get a photo with both of them. We also discovered we have a baby rat running around the back. I have got to remember to leave my camera downstairs so I can quickly snap a photo when they are out.

This was me earlier in the day after cleaning and vacuuming the downstairs. I was being a good patient – icing and elevating my leg.

Elevating and Icing

What are you doing this weekend? Share something fun!



One Response to “Just Checking IIN . . .”

  1. Let’s see- ran a 5K, watched some of the IIN conference also, got to visit with my cousin and her family, and reading because tomorrow I am in participating in a Life Wellness Coach/Holistic Health consultant Certification through AAAI/ISMA. (which I signed up for about a month before I found out that I was going to be able to do IIN this go around)