Jingle Bell 5K a Different Way

Good morning and Happy Sunday! Yesterday was to be my final 5K of the year – The Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis. Hubby was running the 10K and I was walking the 5K. However, Mother Nature changed my plans. All week long the forecast predicted rain at race time and I kept hoping they were wrong. But when I woke up Saturday morning we were having torrential rains with cold weather. Some runners are hard-core and this doesn’t stop them (like my hubby). However, still in recovery from acute bronchitis, I didn’t think it was wise to walk for an hour outdoors.

So, off to Planet Fitness I went. I hoped on a treadmill and walked my 5K indoors. It wasn’t the same, but I got in my exercise!

Jingle Bell 5K

After my treadmill 5K I headed to Kroger for a quick grocery shopping trip, then home to start cleaning the house. By the time I went to bed yesterday – this is what my FitBit showed:

Saturday Fitbit

I made it super happy with all my steps yesterday!

I saw this on Facebook this morning. You are 100% responsible for your life and, more importantly, your health. You cannot expect anyone else to “fix” you and you can’t expect to change someone else’s health. That person has to want it for themselves and they are the one who has to work on it. Sure – there is help and support everywhere, but, in the end, it is only up to YOU!


What are YOU doing today, tomorrow, this week, this month for your health?

Have a healthy day!


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